Thursday, 24 April 2014

I'm a little bit embarrassed to say it, but yes I am a bit of a nervous flyer. I consider myself to be a pretty tough girl in general but when it comes to planes I turn into a 10 year old again. I've always been so unsure about flying, it never stopped me going anywhere but over the years I've been perfecting my in-flight, nerve-busting routine. When it comes to short flights I'm usually ok because I know it'll be over soon so my flight to Milan today will be fine, it's the long haul flights that get me. 

For me it's mind over matter. Motion sickness is one part of it but mainly it's just fear so keeping myself distracted is top priority. Here are some tips I've picked up along the way that may help some of you who are also a little nervous...

I take a travel sickness pill 20 minutes before flying, whether it's a psychological thing or not, it helps. Then my in-flight routine starts from the minute I take my seat on the plane. I tie my hair up and I change into a comfy pair of socks. I always make sure to have a big bottle of water with me, yes it helps with dehydration but mainly it's in case I start to feel sick. I get comfy and put on my noise cancelling headphones. These are a life-saver for me because they block out any 'plane noise' that might freak me out and even if I can't have them plugged in during take off, they still block out a lot of noise and make me feel calm in my own little headphone world. Having a magazine for take off is an essential too. I hardly ever actually read it but it's a distraction from looking out the window or at other passengers (which always makes me feel worse). 

Beauty products are also a huge saviour for me when I fly. Again, it's a massive distraction and something to do before/during take off. I also really enjoy having nice smelling things around me because I despise the smell of plane food. I usually start by using a hand sanitiser and following with a really nourishing hand cream. I then use a hydrating lip balm and give my face a spritz of beauty elixir or any face mist. I can do this a few times throughout the flight if I get a bored or anxious. I also keep a 'smelly thing' with me like the This Works Stress Less rollerball which I would roll behind my ears and on my wrists or the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax balm. I love the smell of spa products, they completely relax me so you'll often find me sniffing my little heart out, especially on take off. 

So that's what I do to keep calm and it usually works. If I do freak out, I freak out internally... people acting nervous about someone who's nervous is a disaster situation so I try not to attract any attention. Do you get nervous flying? Do you have any tricks or tips to share? 
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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I thought it was about time for another raid of the MAC counter, but this time before I went I asked four of my favourite beauty bloggers/vloggers the ultimate question, "what is your one all-time favourite MAC product?"

Mineralise Skin Finish Natural // Vivianna Does Makeup
This is a product I hear everyone talk about but I've never tried. To me the idea of using any powder that isn't translucent is a weird idea. Why would you need extra coverage if you're using a foundation that already sorts your skin out? Isn't the powder just to set it? Anna assured me that this isn't any old powder, it's magic. I chose the shade Light Plus as it was less yellow than light and the neutral tone suits my skin. She was right. A small dusting of this on top of my foundation really blurred everything, made my skin look great and set everything in place at the same time. Anna says this is her wonder product when filming and she keeps it close by for touch ups. I can see why! 

Peaches Blush // Essie Button
Estée is the queen of peachy blushers, so I knew this would be good if it was a favourite of hers. When I saw it in the pan I thought it just looked like a standard peach tone blush but I think it's actually really versatile. The tone of orange that it is makes it kind of work as a bronzer for those with pale skin. Instead of giving an orange pop like some peach blushers do, this one adds a really natural warmth to the skin and makes you look like you've been on holiday. I'm really glad I picked this one up! 

Phloof! Eyeshadow // Amelia Liana
Now this was the only one I was unsure about, but Amelia swears by this eyeshadow and has been loving it for years! It's a frosty, off-white shade which is a shade I never usually use on my eyes. I did think that it brightened up my eyes and it's great for tired days but I'm not sure about it, I think white eyeshadow is a bit too 90s for me. Phloof will work really nicely as a highlight for me though, especially in the inner corners of the eye. 

Patisserie Lipstick // Tanya Burr
Tanya's recommendation was the only one I already owned, great minds think alike eh? Patisserie is the most wearable, beautiful, pink/nude shade that is so easy to wear. It gives such a polished look to your makeup and the Lustre formula is creamy and easy to work with. It's one of those lipstick shades that everyone should have in their collection. 

So those are their favourites and maybe I'll do a post soon on my top 5, but for now I want to know what is your one all-time favourite MAC product? 

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Since spontaneously deciding to film a first impressions video of the NARS Matte Multiples I haven't actually revisited them and given them a proper review, so here it goes... 

In the new collection of matte multiples are 3 contour shades and 4 blush shades. It's essentially a matte, cream formula that can be used alone or mixed with water to create a more sheer finish. I went for Altai as it was the lightest contour shade and Laos as it seemed like the most wearable rosy blush shade. 

First things first, the lightest contour shade is not light. I've used it to contour a couple of times but for my skin tone it's actually better as a cream bronzer. It's a shame because if it was lighter and less orange, the idea is good and it would have made a great contour. As a cream bronzer, I do like it though. You can apply it straight from the bullet and then either blend with a dry brush or one that is slightly wet. It takes a bit of time to blend but feels moisturising on the skin and doesn't cover your face in shimmer like some cream bronzers can. 

I love the shade of the blush but I haven't quite got the hang of it yet. The formula is nice because it stays as a cream but I found myself blending like crazy and ending up with entirely pink cheeks. I think with the blusher it may be better to apply with your finger rather than straight from the bullet... there's still more practising to be done with that. It's a lovely blush, but personally not worth the price tag. 

For me, Altai is a winner as a bronzer (although still a bit too dark) and if NARS were to bring out a lighter contour shade I would be first in line! 

Have you got your hands on any of these yet?
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As you guys know, I've battled with frizzy hair my whole life. Since the age of about 13 I've been testing out a lot hair products to find the ones that work for me. A brand that I know I can always rely on is John Frieda, specifically the Frizz Ease range. It's a line that was actually introduced to me by my dad, the source of the curliness. The John Frieda Frizz Ease range really understands my kind of hair and the products are made to simplify my routine, cut down time and most importantly, cut down the frizz. 

These are the products I've been using to get smooth, sleek, straight hair. I start with the Flawlessly Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. These are great because they include Keratin which helps strengthen and smooth my hair and I can always feel an instant difference after using them. I then apply a couple of pumps of the Miraculous Recovery Serum onto my wet hair. This will help protect my hair from splitting when I straighten it as well as repairing any existing damage and eliminating any frizz. 

I let my hair dry naturally and then when it is completely dry I straighten it layer by layer. It takes about 30 mins (depending on how distracted I get) but once it's done I like to finish with another serum. Sometimes my hair can look a bit puffy when it's just been straightened so I use the Polishing Serum to lock in the style, keep any fly away hairs at bay and add a bit of shine to the finished look. 

This four step routine has been working wonders for me and has helped me achieve straighter, smoother hair. 

*This post is sponsored by John Frieda
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Monday, 21 April 2014

When Chanel launch a new foundation, it's impossible to turn a blind eye. I spotted it on counter a day after launch day, gave it a little test and then had to pick one up to give it a proper go. It's been over a week now so I'm ready to report back... 

The idea of this foundation is a bit like Vitalumière Aqua for those who want something less dewy, a bit more matte but without sacrificing the glow. First things first, let's talk shades. I sat somewhere between shade 10 and 20 but this foundation will oxidise (get darker throughout the day) so I went for 10. I think there definitely could be a lighter and darker shade but as usual Chanel is quite limited with shade choice. The packaging is the same as VA but black and I love it. I love monochrome, we know this already. 

So let's discuss the formula and I think in this case the word 'velvet' is the perfect description. I applied this with my fingers, just like I do with VA. It's a water-based foundation so I always think it works better with fingers otherwise the brush just soaks it all up. I found within seconds of applying it onto the skin, it dries and turns into a very silky feeling product very similar to the Hourglass primer. It's smooth to apply, really quite enjoyable and I like the way it makes my skin feel soft. The coverage is very similar to VA as you can see above (right side with foundation, left side without)  it covers, but it's by no means a full coverage. It is buildable though and I felt that two coats worked best for me as one coat was too sheer. 

So we know that this foundation would work well for oilier skin, it's slightly matte but isn't a traditional matte, cakey foundation that looks too heavy. But is it ok for those of us with dry skin? Well I didn't find it to look drying and there were no flakey patches but I did feel like it looked a bit dull compared to my more glowy foundations. I'm not one to shy away from a bit of shine or glow, I quite like the look so for me this is probably a bit too matte. I really enjoyed how it feels on my skin and was impressed with it's longevity throughout the day. I'll be wearing this on long days and in the heat which is when I think it'll work best for me. 

So are you intrigued by the new Chanel foundation?


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