• Here's a giant photo of my face to tell you that my February Favourites video has just gone live! I'm chatting through all my favourite things from the month... beauty, TV, style & more. Check the link in my bio! 👆🏼
  • Really enjoying the new MacBook Pro so far! Honestly I haven't used the touch bar much, it'll take a while to get used to it & to remember to use it. Love the Touch ID though, so handy for starting up the computer & shopping! I'm glad I went pro as the power is amazing for editing & controversially, I REALLY like the new clicky keyboard. Adapters for everything is a bit annoying but something we have to get used to as it'll all go that way soon & it's actually quite nice to be able to charge on either side (although I DO miss the magnetic charger!). One more thing, the speakers are incredible! #MacbookPro #Apple #MacbookProTouchbar
  • Any pilots on here that can explain to me how it's possibly ok to take off in winds like this?! Trying to manage my anxiety