As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, I have a serious set of brows. Thanks to my dad I have full, thick, coarse, crazy eyebrows so I’ve had to ‘sort them out’ from a young age. 

I dived into the brow world with waxing and it worked for me for a couple of years. As I grew up I wanted some more definition to my brows that a wax strip couldn’t get, so I moved over to threading. I get my eyebrows threaded at Blink Brow Bar every six weeks-ish, or just whenever they get so out of hand that I can’t pluck them myself anymore. For any stray hairs I simply pluck them myself using my Shavata tweezers, but as soon as the shape is lost I let the experts take over. I actually hate tweezers and find plucking really painful, so it’s really just for the obvious stray hairs. I wrote about my threading here if you want some more details. 

In the evenings I like to use the Blink Nourishing Brow Oil, it smells nice and takes care of the hair in your brows just like a hair oil would. My hair is very thick and coarse so I like to use this because it contains sweet almond oil to nourish, rosemary oil to stimulate and lavender and sandalwood to calm and balance. In the mornings I use the MAC Brow Set and I also like the Blink Clear Brow Gel. I don’t fill them in because they don’t really need it and it’s just another step I’ll have to do, but after seeing the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in action, I may have to give it a go for days when I’m wearing a full makeup look. If I’m going on a night out or my brows are acting up I will occasionally spray some hairspray onto a brow brush and brush it through to set them in place. 

I’ve heard that Cara Delevigne carries a brow kit around with her… maybe I need to get in on the action. So, does anyone else have manbrows? 

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