Eyebrow Threading at Blink


I have had the same eyebrow routine for 7 years so this blog post is WAY overdue, I really can’t believe I’ve never spoken about this.

I used to get my eyebrows waxed for many years, but then I tried threading and never went back, mainly because threading got a much more defined result.  I’ve always had them done at Blink and although it’s very expensive (the price went up last year) I am 100% happy to pay it. It costs around £17 to have your eyebrows threaded at Blink and I know that sounds crazy for a bit of string and I know you can do it yourself or get it done elsewhere for cheaper, but I don’t want to. My eyebrows have always been pretty important to me as they’re obviously quite a strong feature on my face. I’ve seen many people over pluck their brows and my mum has always told me she wish she hadn’t, so I never really plucked them. My brows are thick and don’t need filling in, but it’s so important to have them shaped and if I don’t I just look like I have two furry caterpillars on my forehead.

I have never had a bad experience at Blink and the ladies who work there are so friendly and genuinely great at their job. I don’t get the top of my brows done (I was always told by my friend’s beautician mum not to), just the middle and the underneath. I keep quite a natural shape, no huge arch or anything and occasionally get the hairs trimmed so they’re not too long.

I’m so happy with my routine and they always do a great job. If you fancy being adventurous and trying threading on yourself, Meg did a great how-to video you can watch here. If not, I highly recommend Blink!

Have you tried threading before?

Lily xx