Eyebrow Threading at Blink

I have had the same eyebrow routine for 7 years so this blog post is WAY overdue, I really can’t believe I’ve never spoken about this.

I used to get my eyebrows waxed for many years, but then I tried threading and never went back, mainly because threading got a much more defined result.  I’ve always had them done at Blink and although it’s very expensive (the price went up last year) I am 100% happy to pay it. It costs around £17 to have your eyebrows threaded at Blink and I know that sounds crazy for a bit of string and I know you can do it yourself or get it done elsewhere for cheaper, but I don’t want to. My eyebrows have always been pretty important to me as they’re obviously quite a strong feature on my face. I’ve seen many people over pluck their brows and my mum has always told me she wish she hadn’t, so I never really plucked them. My brows are thick and don’t need filling in, but it’s so important to have them shaped and if I don’t I just look like I have two furry caterpillars on my forehead.

I have never had a bad experience at Blink and the ladies who work there are so friendly and genuinely great at their job. I don’t get the top of my brows done (I was always told by my friend’s beautician mum not to), just the middle and the underneath. I keep quite a natural shape, no huge arch or anything and occasionally get the hairs trimmed so they’re not too long.

I’m so happy with my routine and they always do a great job. If you fancy being adventurous and trying threading on yourself, Meg did a great how-to video you can watch here. If not, I highly recommend Blink!

Have you tried threading before?

Lily xx

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  1. Gillian says:

    I always just pluck my eyebrows but this has really made me want to get them threaded!

    Gillian x


  2. Carly says:

    wow, looks amazing. I’ve never tried threading but I really want to, I’m always scared to try anything new though.

  3. Olivia Law says:

    I get mine done at SUperrug, how low budget is that?? xo

  4. Azzina says:

    Got some tips. Great to be here.

    Women Western Wear

  5. rebekah. says:

    I always get mine threaded, I swear by it! I go to Shavata in House of Fraser, it’s £17 too but so worth it! xx

  6. Lauren says:

    I’m the complete opposite- I basically have no eyebrows. I have to pluck out about four hairs every so often and I’m done. I wish I had a little more to work with! x

  7. Megan says:

    I get mine done for a fiver at Superdrug cause its so cheap but maybe I should splash out and go here x

  8. Hattie says:

    My eyebrows always caused me so much stress and it took me a long time to finally get them threaded but months down the line I definitely wouldn’t go back! I get mine done in Superdrug for just £5 every few weeks and they always do them so well. The video you posted was really good and I’m tempted to try and do my own now! X

  9. Kitty3500 says:

    I flipping love Blink! so worth the money everyone always notices when I’ve just got them done even my bf! xx

  10. I’d love to try this but I just don’t have the money. I prefer to wax them myself anyway. There’s something gratifying about pulling the hair out… how weird does that sound?

    xo Ashley

  11. Bit to much of a wimp to try getting my eyebrows threaded! I’ll stick to plucking!

  12. Leeshastarr says:

    wow, £17 is alot. I get mine for £3 or £5 max as I go to two shops. I love threading, would never go back to waxing. A Much better shape.

  13. Kiran Hayre says:

    I get my eyebrows threaded all the time – never pluck them (unless I’m beginning to look like Chewbaca. But I personally think £17 is too much! I get mine done for £3.50 and I always love the result, I’m surprised someone can charge so much for eyebrow threading!

  14. Lucy Old says:

    This looks amazing!
    I have really sparse eyebrows so never really know what to do with them :’)



  15. I always get my eyebrows waxed, religiously so, I’m the same, I care a lot about my eyebrows, but I just don’t like the idea of threading, their is something that just doesn’t sit right with me



  16. Brizbelle says:

    I’d love to be able to have threading done, but I’ve yet to find a good quality salon that does threading here in Australia!

    After a rather traumatic experience at my last eyebrow wax, threading looks like a great alternative. Thanks Lily!


  17. Klaudia... says:

    They look really nice on you. I’m really tempted to change my eyebrow ‘style’ but i’m scared to :L <3 x


  18. Sassy! says:

    I LOVE eyebrow threading! Could never go near a tweezer! Wikes! But I get mine done the cheap way a Lovely £4 lol but this deffo sounds good to try out on a special occasion. x

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  20. david garcia says:

    I love your eyebrows! Agree with J that the new definition looks very good on you. I’ve been growing mine out a little and then I’ll probably go back and also i wanna suggest you one site for threading


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