Following on from yesterday’s video where I talked a bit about how I take my Instagram photos, I thought I’d do a ‘review’ of my Fujifilm XT-2 camera, and as I always like to remind you guys, I’m no camera expert so excuse the lack of technical lingo. I like to read reviews that make sense to me, so camera experts look away whilst I try and explain my love for this camera.

I was first introduced to it by Carrie, who had been hunting down the perfect on-the-go blog and Instagram camera. She let me have a play with it and I totally fell in love. I’m very lucky that my job and business has very little overheads which means I can splash out a bit on tech items, so I have a good collection of cameras. I splurged on the Canon 5d III a while ago and use it for my sit-down videos and photography at home. But it is a huge camera and I found that I would dread taking it out with me as it felt like an inconvenience, so I wanted a smaller camera but one that has interchangeable lenses so that the quality was still great. In the past I’ve tried other mirror-less cameras like the Canon EOS M but I wasn’t impressed so let me tell you why this one ticked all the boxes for me…

Let me just point out the obvious; it looks good. It shouldn’t really matter what a camera looks like but if you’re going to be walking around with it hanging off your shoulder or across your torso, it helps if it looks good. I love the sturdy, retro look of the graphite silver and black body.

When it comes to using the camera itself it is so easy to use and I can confirm that even those who have no idea how to use a camera can use this because if my husband can, anyone can. All of the settings are external on the top meaning that you don’t have to fiddle around with the settings to get the right light or depth of field for your photos. The f stop is on the lens itself and is really satisfying to change back and forth and the ISO and shutter speed are right on the top of the camera. There is a joystick on the back of the camera to move around the AF, which when explaining ‘put the green box around my face to Rich’, is really handy. You can lock the dials in place or quickly move them around whilst taking photos and I’m obsessed with the digital viewfinder because when you look through it you can almost visualise what the finished photo is going to look like.

The camera does also film in video mode and in 4K too but I don’t use it that often for video. I just find that for vlogs my Canon G7X is easier but if I want to get some extra shots I use the Fujifilm and just try very hard not to shake. My favourite feature of this camera, which most cameras do have by now, is the WIFI as I can easily and quickly get the photos I take onto my phone and edit and post them to Instagram almost immediately.

It’s reignited my love for photography and I rarely go out the house without it now. Most of my photos on Instagram are taken on this camera, not because I think the phone quality isn’t good enough, just because I enjoy using the camera so much.

It’s not cheap though, it’s a hefty price to pay but comparing it to other mirror-less cameras I’ve tried, it’s another level. I wouldn’t call it an entry level camera because of the price, but in terms of usability it’s definitely suitable for beginners and if you love your photography and want to be even more flexible with it, then this is a great camera to buy. I also purchased the separate 23mm 1.4 lens which is great for outfit photos, portraits and flat lays but it’s a fixed lens so it doesn’t zoom, which I don’t mind.

I’m so happy with this purchase and so I just wanted to share my thoughts! Hope this was helpful.