A flaky itchy scalp, for some reason, is one of those embarrassing body things that people hate to talk about. This is why I love Philip Kingsley even more for just slapping it on the front of the bottle and getting straight to the point. It happens, especially to those of us with dry skin and especially in the winter. Your scalp gets dry, therefore starts to get itchy and then the flaking starts… oh, the flaking. Dandruff has always been associated with being dirty and unwashed but it’s really not the case and it’s so unfair to feel ashamed of it. Whether it’s an allergic reaction to a hair product or dry skin, it happens and I’m so happy to have found a product to save my scalp.

It was difficult to find a dandruff or scalp cleansing shampoo that isn’t damaging to dry or coloured hair but I was recommended the flaky/itchy shampoo by Ruth so I immediately went out to buy it. It’s a treatment shampoo that relieves and clears irritated scalps or product build up. It’s very mild and gentle though, unlike others, so it can be used daily or just for every wash (which is every 3 or 4 days for me). It doesn’t strip the hair at all which makes it safe for coloured hair but also good for dry hair that is likely to suffer for breakage.

I know a shampoo isn’t the most exciting thing to write about but I’m just so happy to have found a product that works so I wanted to share it!