On Sunday 10th January I celebrated (on a flight home from France) my sixth year of blogging. Six years by no means makes me an expert, every blog is so different and no set rules apply to all, that’s the beauty of it! When I started my blog I didn’t know anyone else that even really knew what a blog was but now I get messages all the time from people saying they’re starting a blog. I think it’s great and it’s exciting so to celebrate six years I thought I’d think of six things I’ve learnt along the way.
Self motivation is hard but important. Make sure to write about something you’re passionate about and it’ll keep the fire alive. Set yourself goals (not numerical goals!) and give yourself a schedule to work towards.
The equipment doesn’t really matter. I think photo positioning and the content of blog posts is more important than the quality of the lens. Find your own personal style.
Don’t compare yourself to others. Something we are all guilty of but has anyone ever gained anything from it? It just messes up your mind. Just do you.
Give yourself a break every now and again. Daily content doesn’t always equal great content. Time off is ok, just get back on the wagon when something sparks inspiration.
Treat your blog as the hub. I have found it works best to treat your blog as the hub and treat all of your social media channels as arms off the hub. Linking them all together allows your audience to get to know you better. I always explain it like this… I tweet to say I’m going shopping, I snapchat on my way to the shops, I Instagram a photo of me in the shop, I get home and film a haul video and then I write a blog post about the best shops in London. They all link together somehow like a story.
Be open to change. Don’t be afraid to make changes and allow your blog to evolve and grow up with you. I think fear of change is a terrible trait, I have it a bit myself, but things can only progress if you do too. Try something new!
So here’s to the future of blogging and a great six years so far. Thanks for sticking with me!