IMG_9737Here’s a random photo of me with a giant drink… (?!)

After getting back to London following a brief fling with Germany, I spent the four day week juggling work, flat stuff and potentially a bit of wedding organisation (it’s early days!). I’ve become a bit of a professional juggler these days but I’m by no means very good at it. I struggle to focus on one task at a time and never seems to finish one before moving onto the next. I’m in that funny in between stage where I hope to move into our new place and develop some kind of routine but for now I’m just hovering somewhere in the middle. It’s exciting though, now the boring stuff like painting is done we can actually start building furniture and thinking about styles and themes. The only room I haven’t really thought through is my office… I have so much stuff to store (with no storage space) so I’m going to have to be clever about how I plan the room.

I give it a little mention in tomorrow’s video but if you haven’t heard, I’ve been nominated for the In Style Project 13 Awards. I’be been put forward for Most Outstanding and the winner gets a feature in the magazine. If you’d like to, I’d love it if you could vote for me – it would really mean the world!

This weekend I’ll be working/doing home stuff but either way, hopefully being productive! I hope you all have a nice weekend and tomorrow’s video is the first of many home hauls, so I hope you’ll like it!