I like to think that my blog posts are an easy way for us non-experts to learn about new products. Often with a new launch comes a lot of new information and  Smith & Cult comes with quite a back story. After reading up on the founder Dineh Mohajer and her past journeys creating brands like Hard Candy, I’ve decided to skip the brand history lesson and instead just talk about the products – that’s what you’re here for, right? 

When I first saw these new nail polishes my initial reaction were, “pretty, but impractical”. Each bottle looks like so beautiful, almost like a paper weight and they’re heavy too. The colours though are so me and so wearable that I had to give them a go. I took home “Honey Hush”, an opaque tan beige, “Feathers & Flesh”, an opaque caramel beige and “Bitter Buddhist”, an opaque celadon green.

I still stand by my impractical first impressions, the huge heavy lid is very hard to hold whilst painting, despite the indents for your thumb. The polish applied really nicely though, opaque, even and Bitter Buddhist is right up my street!

The nail polish costs a whopping £19 and can be found on Net-a-Porter, Birchbox US and in-store at Space NK and Selfridges.

So what are you initial toughts? It’s a splurge, a gift maybe? But they are very nice.