IMG_9112Let’s start by talking about the elephant in the room. This face oil is £85…. £85! For the target audience and regular Sunday Riley lovers like my mum, the price point is probably right but I got sent this and I’m not 100% sure I’d feel comfortable spending £85 on repurchasing it. It’s something to think about, but for now I thought I’d tell you why it’s definitely worth £85… for some people. 

Luna is the newest addition to the Sunday Riley family, a brand that is stocked at Space NK and loved by many professionals. Luna is a retinoid oil that aims to “reduce pore size, improve the appearance of damaged skin and help fight wrinkles”. It includes a mix of essential oils as well as some interesting ingredients I was surprised to see such as cold pressed avocado, chia and grape seed oil. What’s crazy about this oil is that it’s blue and not just the packaging, the actual product is blue! The reason for this is the Blue Tansy oil which is a deep-blue green that helps to heal damaged skin and calm any irritations. There are actually quite a few calming properties in it including chamomile which helps to encourage healthy inflammation.

Despite the deep blue tint, it doesn’t stain your skin blue and quickly disappears as quick as the oil sinks into the skin. It’s not as oily as the Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial so I find 3/4 drops works best and it feels really lovely on the skin. It doesn’t feel at all greasy and leaves a fresh glow on your skin (shame none sees it, apart from my pillow!).

So you’re paying for the ingredients (all listed below) and that can be really important to some people. If this is a bit pricey for you I would recommend the Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial which isn’t quite as much, but Luna is really nice and I’m enjoying using it. So are you intrigued by this blue overnight oil? Americans you can get it here, UK gals you might have to wait a bit here. You can also get it in store at Space NK.

Key Ingredients (full ingredients listed here)

Trans-Retinol Ester – for the wrinkles and loss of elasticity
Blue Tansy – To heal damaged skin, strong anti-inflammatory and helpful with eczema
German Chamomile – For treating inflamed, irritated skin
Avocado Seed Oil – Rich in vitamins B, C, D, E, and A
Chia Seed Oil – Rich in Omega 3
Cape Chamomile – Helps skin irritation and encourages healthy inflammatory response

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