Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 13.40.59I often get asked about working from home and how I stay motivated. It seems that a lot of you also work from home and I think it’s becoming more and more common to work for yourself and it definitely comes with it’s pros and cons. Staying motivated is difficult when you have no manager setting you work or checking up on you. It’s difficult to think¬†that noone would know if you just didn’t work or if you didn’t get out of bed. I am the least likely candidate for any kind of motivational “you can do it” speech, but somehow since working for myself I have become more dedicated and motivated than I ever was in my previous jobs. So here are some ideas for how to stay motivated when working from home…

Find a space //

Whether it’s the corner of your lounge, bedroom or kitchen or even your own office, try and find a space to call your work place. Having a designated area means work starts when you’re there and ends when you’re not. It brings some kind of order to your day and acts as a hub for you to work from. Whether I’m filming, taking photos or making lunch, I always have my desk to come back to and can pick up where I left off.

Ready, Steady, Go //

Even if noone is going to see you all day, try to get dressed and make yourself look presentable. Even if that means tracksuit pants and an old t-shirt, getting up, getting showered and getting dressed will make you feel more alert and motivated. I do my hair and makeup almost every day (mainly because I need to take photos) and it really helps me feel like my day has a purpose.

Goals & Lists //

I don’t set myself goals and to do lists every single day, but if I know I have a full day working at home and I’m feeling a bit all over the place, they really help me to focus. I write realistic goals for the day and then work out my to do list from there and write it down in order of how I’d like to do them. I find ticking boxes really helps me feel like my day is moving forward, so take your time to finish one task at a time and tick it off the list!

Plan Ahead // 

I often write my goals and to do lists the day before so I’m not overwhelmed in the morning. That way I know what needs to be done the following day, what time I need to wake up and it gives me the push to get down to my desk and start working my way through the list.

Get Out //

Sometimes a change of environment can do wonders when you’re a bit distracted and agitated. Find a little cafe that you can take your laptop to and you might be surprised at how much you get done. Buddy up with someone else who works from home, I personally find it really helps to have someone else around and it really gives me the motivated to get work done.

So there are just a few tips but obviously it’ll be different for everyone. I hope this was helpful to some of you and if you have any of your own tips please do leave a comment!

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