I look through my requested posts every week and this one really made me chuckle… a look back at my style evolution? Well, here goes…

I only went back as far as 2008 both to save your eyes from burning and because I wasn’t really into outfit photos before then! I think I’ve always been quite aware of my body shape and how to enhance and hide certain bits and for me that means hiding my tummy/love handles, putting away my boobs and showing off my legs and arms.

In 2008 I was in my first year of Uni so it was all about comfort which meant jeans, hoodies and UGG boots. I was quite into the jeans, vest top, cardigan and scarf look but this was probably the first year I really got the hang of straightening my hair, so I was loving life. I’ve always loved the casual hoodie under leather jacket look and I think I’ve only ever had two faux leather jackets, one from Topshop and then one from ASOS.

2009 was clearly the year of the dress and the skirt… oh dear. Probably my worst year out the them all but at least I was experimenting, eh! The school girl thing came from a Gossip Girl obsession and bodycon dresses were the thing at Uni. You see that anchor necklace? I got it from Anna Lou of London and wore it for years!!!

It was a struggle to find many photos from 2010, I guess I was busy working in my final year of Uni. Here are two holiday snaps though and I think this is when I started to realise how to wear clothes to suit my apple body shape.

2011 was a year of graduations, wedding and really long hair apparently! Although I only really wear gold jewellery now, back then it was only ever silver. I loved my Tiffany & Co and Thomas Sabo bracelets and they never came off my wrist… ever.

In 2012 I really got into blogging and had more of a fashion and beauty focus to what I was writing about, hence all the outfit photos. Skinny jeans, long tops and boots became my thing and I appreciated the comfort when working full time in central London.

I’d been quite adventurous with colour up until this point but I’d say in 2013 my love for monochrome became more prominent. I still love a bit colour here and there and this is probably when I started using colour more as an accent with a bag or a sweater. I cut my hair to shoulder length in 2013 and it was the first time I’d ever had it short. I found it took less pressure of what clothes I was wearing as for the first time ever my hair actually had a style and it really gave me a boost in confidence. I also loved my statement necklaces and after falling out love with earrings, big necklaces became a bit of an obsession.

I think there’s quite a big jump from 2013 to 2014 and I remember after a huge wardrobe clear out deciding to stop buying huge amounts of cheap clothes and instead focusing on the few wardrobe staples that work with lots of different outfits. My style became more minimalist with cleaner lines and I just enjoyed wearing simple items like a white tee and denim jeans. I invested in my first ever designer handbag and I still wear it every single day with almost any outfit!

So now we’re in 2015 and the first part of the year has been very uninspiring. But I also find as we come out of Winter it’s the worst time for style and the nearer we get to Spring I’ll be doing another wardrobe clear out, getting rid of the crap and getting more use out the better pieces in my wardrobe. I think my style is more grown up than it’s been in past years but for me the priority is still comfort over anything else. I never wear heels, I’m never cold and my handbag is practical.

So what do you think of my style evolution over the past 7 years? And what are your worst and best style memories?




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