If you’re a frequent description box checker you would have noticed that I haven’t worn my NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer in a while as it’s been replaced by Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer. I still love the NARS Concealer and would highly recommend it, but now I’ve tried the Naked concealer I feel like I can’t use anything else. Here’s why…

The formula of both concealers are very similar, I can hardly spot the difference but it’s the packaging of the Naked Concealer that really makes it stand out from it’s competitors. The applicator isn’t just a standard doe-foot, it’s long and bendy (sorry there’s no other way of describing it). It’s very flexible which makes application really easy and enjoyable but it also stores enough product to do your entire face without having to re-dip. I use the shade Light Neutral but next time I think I’ll try Fair Neutral it’s slightly too dark for me at times. You hardly need any product as the formula is really pigmented so I can imagine it’ll last longer than the NARS concealer that I tend to go through far too quickly.

At £17.50 it’s slightly more affordable than the NARS Concealer which is £22. So my vote now goes to the Urban Decay Naked concealer. Have you tried it?