This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday so it’s the perfect excuse to pass on the over-priced presents and instead opt for heart shaped breakfast in bed. Since I discovered this pancake mix in M&S it’s changed my pancake making experience and made flipping so much easier. So I thought I’d experiment with shapes because apparently pancake art is actually a thing… seriously, google it. 

I simply combined the pancake mixture and instead of ladling it into the pan I added the mixture into a squeezy bottle, like one you’d put ketchup into. This allows you to squeeze the mixture into any shape you like and if you want to get really creative, the mixture that’s applied first gets darker so you can create patterns using the different shading. Just make sure the pan is hot! 

Hearts were pretty simple though and the end result is cute and yummy! Let me know if you give them a go, tweet me @lilypebbles