Ok, confession time – I am the queen of overpacking. I would love to be a professional packer and I am getting better, I promise, but I’m not quite a pro yet. So this post is really for myself but maybe it will help some of you with your packing woes too…

The first thing I usually do, especially when going somewhere new for the first time, is research the weather at that specific time of year. Once you know the sort of weather to expect you can plan your outfits. It’s hard but if you try and think in outfits rather than separate pieces you’re less likely to pack things that won’t get worn. Lay them out on the floor or try them on but trust me, it makes packing much easier. 

Getting everything out of your head and onto paper seriously brings the stress levels down. Make your own list or borrow Anna’s, but either way write it all down. If you lay everything out before putting in the case you’ll clearly see what you’re packing and be less likely to throw extra bits in last minute. I don’t tend to write lists as much for beauty but for clothes, accessories, shoes and bags it’s a life saver. For beauty I tend to just pick out enough makeup bits for one look and stick to that with a couple of eye and lip options. 
So obvious but so important – pack the minis! I collect miniature beauty products every time I get a gift with purchase or a tester and they come in so handy when travelling. If you don’t have a mini then decant your favourite products into small pots and bottles, there’s just no need to take the full sized products. 

These are just a few small steps you can take to prevent overpacking, although knowing me I still will. I’m just always so worried about not having options! Do you have tips for not overpacking? I’m all ears.