instant light lip balm perfector

If you’re new around here you may not already know about my obsession with the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector but it’s a product I have loved for a very long time. It’s pretty much a lip gloss but it’s moisturising, creamy texture makes it easy to wear, comfortable and it always looks so good on the lips. So imagine my excitement when Clarins announced the new member of the Instant Light family!! 

The Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector (out 12th January) is the balm version of it’s glossy older sister. They come in six shades and contain some nice ingredients such as vitamin E, mango and shea. The first thing I noticed, aside from the tiny cute packaging, was how sheer they are compared to the Natural Lip Perfectors. Usually I stay away from lip products that are too sheer but with the original product I’ve always dabbed it into the lips after applying anyway. I really like the sheer wash of product that it gives on the lips but the 05 Red shade is the most pigmented and even that one is still sheer. 

It’s a nice addition to Clarins’ range of lip products but the Natural Lip Perfector still wins for me. I’ll use the balm a lot and I know I’ll really like it when I do but for £18 I’m not sure it’s one I’ll repurchase. Products like the Revlon Lip Butters are quite similar for only £7.99.  

If you still haven’t tried the Natural Lip Perfectors though, they’re completely worth trying!