I’ve never really minded the shape of my lips, although a lack of cupids bow (thanks Dad) makes applying a bold lip a little tricky. It is possible to cheat your own lip shape though and this is particularly handy for those with thinner lips… 

Using a lip liner that’s the same tone as your lips is an easy way to cheat your way to fuller looking lips. My favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat which now comes in multiple shades, but most brands that do lip liners will have a skin toned one in their collection. The Rimmel lip liners are also great. 

I like to start by simply filling in my lips but things get a bit more defined when it comes to lining the outer part of the lips. I start by pushing the liner right to the edge, you know where you can feel it gets hard around your lips? Well you don’t want to over line too much but really push it as far to the edge as you can. I also like to draw in my cupids bow a bit, making the high points slightly more pointed. 

You can leave it there or what I like to do is layer a lipgloss on top! It’s great for no lipstick days or when you’ve gone heavy with the eyeshadow, so what do you think? Are you going to try cheating your lip shape? 

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