I first spotted this palette during one of Karima’s videos where she used it during a ‘Get Ready With Me’. I’d never heard of the brand before and I soon realised that it wasn’t a UK thing and after keeping my eye out for months I sort of forgot about it. That was until I found myself in Guru Makeup Emporium a couple of weeks ago and spotted the brand as soon as I walked in! 

It’s a health conscious French makeup brand created for makeup artists and all the products are made without petroleum, parabens, silicons, butylene glycol or propylene glycol, phthalates, or artificial dyes. I don’t usually buy my makeup with this in mind, but it’s good to know what’s out there for those who do! 

What really appealed to me about this palette is that it’s entirely made up of matte shadows. I love to wear matte on my eyes, especially during the Autumn/Winter. The packaging is nothing fancy, in fact it’s really simple and definitely reflects something you’d find in a make up artist’s kit rather than a personal makeup bag. There are 12 matte shadows, with a few very warm shades and a few cooler  shades too. I found the top row pretty useless as I don’t tend to wear skin tone shadows but I love very shade in the middle and bottoms rows. 

The quality of the shadows is really great, they’re extremely pigmented and you only need to lightly tap your brush to get a good amount. One thing I would say though is that I found it easier to use the shadows on a well primed and dry eyelid as they can tend to bunch up in areas if there’s moisture. 

It’s not cheap either, this palette cost me £59.95 which is actually quite crazy. I’m pretty sure the reason for the high price tag is the ingredients and the quality of the pigment. It’s great to have an entire palette of mattes but is this something a non-makeup artist needs? It’s definitely not the right palette for you if you are new to shadows and want to save for one big palette. But if you already own some gorgeous shimmery palettes and you need some nice mattes, this one is great to have on hand and mix in. 

So I’m glad I bought this and I’ve finally been able to try it, but what do you think? Does this palette appeal to you?