It’s coming up to that time of year where I need to spend an entire day transitioning my wardrobe from Winter to Spring, moving the heavy knit jumpers under my bed and making room for lighter, prettier things. 

I recently picked up this top in the sale on ASOS and knew the second I tried it on that it was love. It’s not too thin, so the material has a nice weight to it and hangs well. It’s made from 100% soft cotton and has a nice zip detail on the back. I really love it and wanted to pair it with my new mono white Converse from JD Sports. I was really lucky to be able to pick out a pair of trainers from their site and I went for these because of my recent obsession with white and I think they look completely different from the classic Converse style. It’s funny what a red line can do to a shoe, but personally I much prefer these to the classic style I’ve had in the past. I predict a week until they’re no longer white, but hopefully they’ll wash well! 

To keep things casual I wore my old Topshop Leigh jeans that I attacked with scissors last week and my small, yellow Zara bag from last year. Other accessories include my Acurist watch, lime green nail polish which is ‘Spring Buds’ by Deborah Lippmann and of course my Ray Bans

Five minutes after these photos were taken it hailed in London and I had to change into warmer clothes but there’s no surprises there. So what do you think of my new top and kicks? I love ’em. 


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