I’m not a full-time glasses wearer, although I probably should be. On the occasion where I actually remember to wear mine I often wonder if it’s harder for those who wear glasses full time to create makeup looks they’re happy with. Statement glasses and bigger lenses are very in but do they make it harder to create a balanced makeup look? I’ve roped in a few experts and familiar names to help answer my question and give you guys their best tips for wearing makeup under glasses. 

Daniel Sandler, Makeup Artist

“The bigger the frame, the less dramatic the eye makeup should be as its totally scary and unflattering. Definitely keep away from sparkles and heavily-lined eyes as the lenses will magnify the makeup. However, if you wear smaller frames then you can really go for it. Define eyes using smokey colours and graphic liners but be careful if using false lashes as these may flutter against your lenses.” 

Here’s a video Daniel did with Boots, creating a suitable makeup look to wear with glasses. 

Sam Chapman, Makeup Artist & one half of Pixiwoo
“Your eyes can appear bigger or smaller than their actual size depending on the lenses in your glasses, if glasses make your eyes bigger you may want to tone down eye makeup and choose neutral colours, if your eyes appear smaller pop a little white eyeliner on the waterline to make eyes look bigger and stand out.”

Here’s a video tutorial Sam did with Real Techniques showing you exactly what she means. 

Dominic Skinner, MAC Senior Artist & glasses wearer
“Lenses tend to mute and soften any colour or shading that is applied so go for one shade brighter like MAC Eyeshadow in Blanc Type or one shade darker to increase the contrast. Once the glasses are back on it will appear softer. In terms of colours, you need to be careful not to over do it. If you have coloured frames then maybe strip it back to just mascara. If you have a dark heavy frame, going for light reflective products can brighten and lift. Try MAC Pressed Pigments in Blonde Streak or Day Gleam. They are incredibly shiny and easily applied with a finger.”

Gemma Royston-Claire, Company Magazine Features Writer/Beauty Columnist & glasses wearer
“My glasses are usually quite statement so I stick to a liquid liner flick and mascara so the area isn’t too busy. I save the colour for my lips! Gross, I know, but foundation can build up on the bridge of your glasses so clean them regularly or you might get a nasty spot like I did recently! Although another benefit of specs is that they can hide spots around that area.”

So hopefully these tips will help you out if you’re a glasses wearer and new to makeup or a makeup wearer who’s new to glasses… I personally love the look of thin black liner, glasses and red lips but just wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Let me know what your best tips are for wearing makeup under glasses, I’d love to hear them!