My ‘tech wish list’ has been getting longer and longer, but after a bit of Amazon browsing and a ‘yes’ click to a free trial of Amazon Prime, I eventually ticked quite a few bits off my list. After such a positive reaction from our guide to blogging series, I thought you might like to see what I got, why and how I’ll be using it. 

RING LIGHT // £149.99 link
I’ve been saving up for this for a little while since using Anna‘s and realising I definitely wanted it. One of the main things I like about the ring light is how small it is and easy to move around. My soft box light takes up so much space and is a real pain to carry up and down two flights of stairs. As well as being small, the light it gives is very flattering and you get that diva light circle in your eyes (if you want it). I now use this all the time instead of my soft box and although I still think the soft box is good for larger rooms, for smaller spaces the ring light is great. 

MEMORY CARD CASE // £4.99 link
Small, random but definitely an essential. I saw this whilst browsing and thought “why have I never thought of getting one before?!”. It’s basically just a small double-sided case, similar to a business card holder that safely holds your memory cards. Whether it’s for travelling or just for your desk, this little plastic case means I’m no longer turning my office upside down looking for my precious memory cards. Life saver. 

CAMERA BAG // £21.49 link
Now this is the pièce de résistance and the biggest bargain of them all! This camera rucksack recommendation came from my brother-in-law and I’m so happy I listened to him. It’s a light-weight bag with a main compartment for the camera, all your lenses and there’s a slot on the side for your tripod too. There are also loads of little zip compartments for chargers, batteries etc as well as a zip at the front for your laptop. You can basically fit everything inside and once it’s all packed it doesn’t feel heavy at all and is really comfortable to wear. This buy isn’t for everyone but for camera enthusiasts who like to take their equipment travelling or use it on the move, it is perfect! 

SPARE BATTERY // £6.99 link
Such a simple purchase, but one I wish I’d bought earlier. I personally need this one for an upcoming trip but it’s also good to have around to use whilst your other battery is charging. There’s nothing worse than that flashing red battery light. 

LENS PEN // £7.49 link
(Not shown above) Another Anna enable purchase and something I hadn’t even considered until she showed me. This small, double-sided pen is to clean your lens with… basically instead of your sleeve. For my more expensive lenses, I want to make sure I’m looking after them well. 
HEADPHONES // £42.99 link
I’ve always been one for inner ear headphones, but when I’m on a plane or even editing videos I like to use proper over ear ones. A couple of people I know own these Sony ones and highly recommended them, especially because they fold up to a compact size and can be used on noise cancelling mode. The noise cancelling feature is incredible if you’re a nervous flyer because all the plane sounds disappear and you can completely engross yourself in a film or your music. I don’t think the price of them is too bad either compared to other competitor brands I looked at and I know they’ll last me a long time. 

So those are all the bits I picked up and hopefully you found this interesting or helpful. If you’re a real camera enthusiast then maybe you’ve found some new bits to add to your wish list, but if you’re not please remember these aren’t essentials, they’re extras I’m adding to my collection 4 years in. Catch up on our guide to blogging for the equipment we recommend for bloggers and vloggers.