Revlon were the first brand to recreate the famous Clinique Chubby Stick and to be fair, they did it well. Many people actually prefer the Revlon balms and not just because of the lower price point! It was only inevitable that a matte version would soon be launching and it finally has, alongside the new lacquer balms. They’re £7.99 each, both wind up from the bottom and have the same peppermint scent, so if you weren’t a fan of the original scent like me, be warned! 

So first up are the ColorBurst Matte Balms, 10 shades with a “velvety matte finish and balm-like feel”. Take note of the velvety part, as these are not your traditional matte lip products. They’re still very much a balm, so although they are not glossy, they are not completely matte and still look like a moisturising lip product. I like the finish though and it makes the product feel more pigmented and easy to use. The softer matte shades work really well in the daytime and the bolder shades are perfect for an evening out. I think the matte finish also makes the brighter shades easier to wear during the day and less likely to migrate. I think the shade selection is nice, with maybe only 3 shades that I wouldn’t wear. There are both warmer and cooler shades to suit different skin tones. 

Launching alongside the Matte Balms are the Lacquer Balms, which although I think will be less successful are still really nice. I’m not a very glossy lips kind of person, but if you like a shine these will do just that. There are also 10 shades in this range and the finish is described as “high-shine, shimmering lacquer and balm-like moisture”. If you like lip gloss, this is a nice way to wear a glossy finish but get more pigmentation than you would from a gloss. 

It’s impossible not to be a fan of such handy, easy to use lip products so I’m excited for so many new products, shades and finishes to be added to the line. The UK release date for these are 22nd January into Boots and 18th February into Superdrug, but often they come into stores earlier so keep an eye out! 

Which balm are you more interested in? 

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