Feeling a bit ‘meh’ on a Monday night? Something I find really relaxing to do is to make muesli… maybe that’s weird, but it seriously tastes good and makes such a healthy, yummy breakfast. 

Here’s how we make it in my family and how my mum has been making it for ever. So far I have never come across anyone else who makes it this way and whenever I show people they look at it and think it looks gross, then taste it and LOVE it. So be adventurous and give it a try! 

Porridge Oats
Plain Yoghurt
Fruit of choice
Maple Syrup or Honey

Fill your bowl with porridge oats, you can either do a small bowl but what I like to do is make a huge bowl to last for 3 days. Then cover the oats with milk (I use skimmed because that’s what’s in the fridge) and cover the bowl before placing it in the fridge overnight. 

The next morning add in some plain yoghurt. If I do a large bowl I add in 3/4 of a large pot, but mix it in as you go until you have quite a wet texture. Then add in your fruit, I usually just dice an apple but you can add in raisins, nuts, anything you like! To make it a little sweeter squeeze in some honey, or I like to use Maple Syrup as it’s got more of a toffee taste. 

It lasts for days and tastes delicious! It’s also really easy to make so anyone can do it. I hope you liked seeing something a bit different today, please let me know if you try it and tweet me a photo if you do! @lilypebbles