I took this WOMF before I went away and from what I can remember, my heating had broken and my room was freezing. I wanted to experiment a bit, but I also wanted to hurry up and get downstairs to where it was warmer. 

I’ve been addicted to the Laura Mercier primer for adding extra glow and it mixed really well with the NARS tinted moisturiser, which I used in the lightest shade. I added the tiniest amount of NARS Miss Liberty which is a bit too glittery for me, but a little bit is really nice. On my cheeks, an old drugstore favourite, The Natural Collection Peach Melba blush which is the perfect peach. 

For my eyes I decided to add a bit of colour, using MAC Cranberry all over the lid and then MAC Woodwinked on top. Cranberry alone made my eyes look a little too red, so Woodwinked helped tone it down and make me look less ill. I then used my favourite MAC Club under the eye and a bit in the crease. The green in Club only really comes out when you layer it all over the lid, otherwise it’s a nice smokey brown. After the mascara was applied I felt a bit overly made up and had quite dark eyes so I opened them up a bit using Rimmel’s nude eyeliner in the waterline and inner tear duct area. 

Because of the heavy eyes, I left my lips neutral just using a bit of Melvita’s Honey Lips Gloss Balm which brings back childhood memories of drinking warm milk and honey when I was homesick staying at a friend’s house. It tastes yummy, looks like a gloss and feels like a nourishing lip balm. 

So that’s that. What do you think?

Lily xx

NARS Laguna | Clinique Even Better Eyes* | Laura Mercier Radiance Primer
NARS Tinted Moisturiser | Bobbi Brown Corrector | NARS Miss Liberty | MAC Painterly
Origins Plantscription Concealer* | Melvita Honey Lips Gloss Balm* | Benefit They’re Real*
The Natural Collection Peach Melba blush | Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude* | NYX Brown liner
MAC Cranberry | MAC Club | MAC Woodwinked

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  1. Valérie says:

    You look super pretty! The blush looks amazing on you 🙂

    Great post!


  2. Happy friday!
    The Mac eyeshadow looks amazing on you 🙂

  3. Mira says:

    Great look. Esp love the peach blush and the cranberry eyeshadow. Need that too <3



  4. Milly says:

    Beautiful Lily – I am in love with Cranberry e/s at the moment and it suits you so well. x

  5. mac cranberry looks so gorgeous on you! lovely look x


  6. Looking beautiful as always Lily! I adore your every day smokey eye look and that blushes is just divine.

    Hannah http://www.cagneyandlace.com

  7. shrena anya says:

    This look is so gorgeous, Lily! Not sure I’m brave enough to try this but I think I might have to! 🙂 xx

  8. Tara Baker says:

    Really love the soft, dewy look. I’ll have to try that nude Rimmel liner.


  9. Gillian says:

    I have Rimmel’s Nude Eyeliner and love it, much less harsh than white. The Peach Melba blush looks lovely, might have to swatch this next time I’m in Boots.

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  10. molly says:

    i love this makeup look, your eyes look amazing xx

  11. So7 says:

    Wow this look is one of my favorites!! it suits you so well lily!! Xxx

  12. I love nude eyeliners 🙂
    Another lovely post!

  13. Amie H says:

    Cranberry looks gorgeous on you! Really want to try this eyeshadow out! xx


  14. Megan Lillie says:

    You always look stunning Lily.

    Megan xxx

  15. hannah maggs says:

    i would never normally look at a shade like cranberry, but this looks so lovely on you! x

  16. Another great post! I love the lips too, you can never go wrong with a clear gloss!
    Jennifer xx
    Please check out my blog at asprinklingofeuphoria.blogspot.co.uk

  17. mi chan says:

    hello… i love your posts!!!

    i am wondering what apps do you use for editing pics? xo S.

  18. Pippa Jones says:

    Tha colour on your lips looks amazing! Makes your face look flawless.
    Lovely post lily, Love mac cranberry!

    Pipp xx

  19. Maddy says:

    I love the eyeshadows on you, they suit your skin tone really well! xxx

  20. Dollyfaces says:

    Lovely! The blush is so pretty! x

  21. you are stunning Lily! Your eyes are beautiful and the eyeshadow looks amazing on you:) I am in love with your blog!:) xxx


  22. You look lovely and i love this make up!
    I will definitely try the tinted moisturizer from Nars, seems like a good choise!


  23. This looks stunning on you! You have beautiful skin and everything goes super well together.
    I love the idea of using a nude liner to stop eyes looking too heavily made up, I’ll have to try that one!

    Absolutely lovely 🙂

    Lucee x

  24. Jen27 says:

    What a gorgeous look! Really warms up your face. That peach blush is incredible 🙂



  25. Love this look, I’ve been looking for a tinted moisturiser for a while and the NARS one looks really nice and natural


  26. Melissa B says:

    That check color is so very pretty. I’m in love with it. I wish I could find that brand here in the states…. I’m off to look for it!

  27. That is a gorgeous gloss — I like anything with Honey in it (or its name)

  28. Louise says:

    The combination of MAC’s Cranberry w/Woodwinked looks stunning on you! That’s a really good idea to combine a neutral w/a more vibrant color to tone it down and make it slightly more wearable. Might have to give this a try!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  29. lov2read68 says:

    Cranberry paired with Woodwinked looks great on you! The honey gloss sounds delicious. I do like honey in beauty products!

  30. while I like the result the benefit mascara gives it’s an absolute nightmare to take off and puts me off using it on a daily basis. I already have woodwinked and have always been tempted by cranberry and seeing it on you makes me want it even more to try this look.


  31. Carissa says:

    Beautiful look! I really want to try some Laura Mercier products
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  32. Emily says:

    This looks lovely, i would have never guessed it was cranberry on your lids:) x

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    Featuring. Urban Outfitters, Models Own & More.

  33. I think you just made me want to get that eyeshadow! Love your blog 🙂


  34. It looks lovely! The Laura Mercier primer looks like it does a nice job 🙂 xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  35. Amaris says:

    I love Cranberry from MAC … it looks so pretty on you!

  36. Rachel says:

    oo i love melvita and it’s the first time i’ve read about their gloss balm… can’t wait to check it out in their stores next time i’m there! and i love how you use cranberry on your eyes… whenever i see that color i never know how i’d wear it due to its reddish hue but you make it look so natural and eye-brightening 🙂 looks great!

    rachel x

  37. Janelle says:

    I love cranberry but also feel like it can make my eyes look sick. Good tip layering a brown on top of it!

  38. Dest Aus says:

    Auuwwhhh..love that cranberry from MAC. It looks like fresh warm cinnamon on her eyelids…the and look is so festive in itself!


  39. Lauren says:

    You look lovely! I love the NARS tinted moisturizer.

    Great tip on using the nude eyeliner to tone down too dark eyes. I’ve never thought to use it that way.


  40. Zandra May says:

    Really like the copper eyes with the natural lips, great make-up look! X


  41. Beth Bradley says:

    Beautiful look Lily, so natural!

  42. Hannah Cole says:

    Such a lovely look. I love how bold the Cranberry looks on your eyes. I find using a black matte eyeshadow or gel eyeliner underneath really brings out the colour!


  43. What do you think of the even better eyes? I like it but I find it makes my make up slide because it’s quite silky. What do you think? x x

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