I know glitter season is over and you’re all probably sick to death of it, but I wanted to show you how I did my nails for New Years Eve (sorry for the delay!). 

I’ve never tried this before but I just thought I’d give it a go and I was really happy with the result! I painted my nails with two coats of the Ciaté ‘Power Dressing’, a gorgeous navy blue that I got in my advent calendar. Once the blue was completely dry, I started the glitter, doing each nail at a time. I simple splodged some glitter all along the tip of my nail (where the white bits would normally be) and then using an old topcoat I don’t mind making glittery, I swept the top coat over the glitter pulling down towards to cuticle part of the nails. If you do it slowly, you can control where the glitter goes and get the desired effect for however you like it. I went back on a few nails and added more glitter to the tip if there were gaps. I then let all the glitter dry and applied my favourite top coat over the top to make sure it stayed put. 

So that’s it! Easy! You can do it with any colours and I think a pale, pastel pink and rose gold glitter would be so pretty. 

Are you going to give this a go?

Lily xx

Ciaté ‘Power Dressing’ | Nails Inc ‘Electric Avenue’* | Barry M Basecoat/Topcoat

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