Zip n Go: Model’s Essentials

My bestest friend Keisha Lall made a fleeting visit to London before heading back to New York where she’s currently living and working as a model. Whilst she was here we chatted about everything we possibly could in the short time we had and one of the topics happened to be the stuff she carries around with her, her ‘model essentials’, for when she’s at castings or travelling around. She’s at castings pretty much everyday and on a flight at least once a month, sometimes twice! 

Hand sanitizer is a must, especially when using the New York subway everyday, and I recently introduced Keisha to my favourite Soap & Glory Hand Maid. Gum or mints, so she smells minty fresh when meeting people at castings and tissues (although not glamorous, an essential indeed!). The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a perfect skin refresher if you’re not feeling 100% or you just need to make your skin look less dull and more glowy. This also doubles up as a great product for travelling as your skin can get pretty dehydrated on planes and using this alongside a gentle moisturiser like the Oilatum Natual Repair cream works wonders! 

Keisha doesn’t wear much makeup to castings, in fact pretty much nothing apart from a bit of concealer, but lip balm is important as you don’t want dry chapped lips. After living in Oz for a bit, she’s hooked on the Lucas Paw Paw and carries it everywhere with her. Finally, a mirror for final checks and some Kleenex blotting sheets as Keisha has oily skin so can get a bit shiny throughout the day. These are a great way to take away excess oil if you don’t want to pile on the powder. 

So there’s a sneak peak into the life of a London made model living in New York. It may seem glamorous from the outside, but damn that girl works hard and the little things like the Zip n Go bag makes life a little less stressful. 

And how could I not add a couple of photos of her? I’m like a proud mama! Sorry Keish, don’t kill me… 

Lily xx

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