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I’m on quite a few different platforms these days and it can be majorly confusing, so I thought I’d break it down and show you guys all the ways you can follow me and my beauty ramblings. Unfortunately I can’t reply to comments on here, so as much as I LOVE reading them all, when someone posts a question I feel so bad that I can’t reply. So here are some other ways you can chat to me if you’d like to!

Click on the titles to be taken to the page… 

Bloglovin’ (whatihearttoday)
This is the platform I use to follow blogs, because it’s so easy. You simply subscribe to the blogs you want to follow and then the new post will appear on your timeline, a bit like Facebook, so you can catch up on them when you have time! This is probably the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on any posts. 

Twitter (@lilypebbles)
I am on Twitter 24/7 and this is the best place to follow me if you are interested in what I get up to daily and also if you have any questions. I try to reply to all tweets when I can and it’s the easiest place for me to reply. I get a lot of emails and so it can take a while for me to get through them! 

Facebook (whatihearttoday)
I try to update my Facebook page daily and it’s really just another place to see when my posts go up. I also love to have a little beauty fuelled chat, so feel free to post on the wall and I’ll make sure to reply! 

Instagram (lilypebbles)
I don’t care if they’re going to use my photos for free without permission, I’m still obsessed with Instagram and won’t be leaving any time soon. I post photos daily and really enjoy it so feel free to pop on over and leave me a little comment, I’d love that! 

YouTube (whatihearttoday)
I’m sure you all know by now that as well as blogging on here, I also make videos on my YouTube channel. At the moment I’m in a little routine of making two videos a week that go live on Wednesdays and Sundays. If you click ‘subscribe’, it’s similar to Bloglovin’ and you’ll be notified when I upload a video. If you’re not yet into YouTube, give it a go and watch a few vids… trust me you’ll become obsessed with watching like I am!

So I think those are all the main ones covered… 

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Lily xx

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