Diptyque Paris Christmas Collection

This year, like the past two years, my family have decided to do secret Santa. We got to the point a few years ago where were were buying so many gifts for so many people that we started a maximum £5 rule. The problem there is that we then received not very nice presents. So now we do secret Santa, so we all get one present (maximum £30), but one present that we really want and will love. 

Talking about things we want and love… (see what I did there?) I recently went to the Diptyque store on Brook Street in London to see what they have in-store this Christmas. In this case I couldn’t wait until Christmas and already bought myself one… does anyone else get the shopping bug even more around Christmas time?! 

There are three ‘Arabian Nights’ themed candles; Sapin Doré, Amber Oud and Oliban. Sapin Doré is the one I fell in love with and ended up buying because it literally smells like a Christmas tree. I lit this and instantly felt cosy and excited for festive things. The candles come in a big and a small size at £45 and £25 and in a beautifully designed glass which I will be keeping to use for pretty storage when the candle burns out. 

If you’re buying for someone who likes candles and smelly things, then you literally can’t go wrong with Diptyque.

Have you had a sniff of these Christmas candles yet?

Lily xx

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