• 26th Oct 2012

NARS Primers

I’m Lily and I’m a primerholic. It’s a step in my routine that I will never miss out. I think most people think primers are only for those with oily skin but that’s so not the case.

The first reason why I wear primer is to keep my makeup on all day. Although I don’t have oily skin, in fact it’s quite dry, my base makeup seems to vanish by the end of the day. My theory is that my skin is so dehydrated it soaks in all the moisture from my makeup leaving me with a barely there, patchy makeup look by the end of the day. The second reason is to protect my skin. As you’re all aware, I’m a Londoner which means, tubes, buses, pollution, cold weather etc so I also use a primer to create a barrier between my makeup and my skincare. 

For someone who loves primers I think it’s pretty strange that I’ve only used one for the past few years. I’ve stuck to my Laura Mercier primer and re-purchased it many times – why change something that’s not broken eh? But I’m a beauty blogger so trying new products is what I do. I was excited to try out these NARS primers, in fact I was genuinely intrigued to find out if anything lived up to my all-time favourite. 

There are two NARS primers available, the Multi-Protect and the Pore Refining. Let’s start with the Pore Refining one as I think this will suit most skin types. It’s oil-free which is great and it applies like a dream. It comes out as a white creamy liquid and sinks into the skin very easily, leaving a soft and even base. This one doesn’t have SPF so if that’s something you look for in a primer then this one isn’t for you, although you should be using a moisturiser with SPF in, so it isn’t a big deal. The Pore Refining primer feels like a traditional primer does and is quite comparable to my Laura Mercier one (even though the LM one isn’t oil-free). 

The Multi-Protect primer has an SPF of 30 and PA+++ which is really good, obviously wearing an SPF is really important. This one is quite different to other primers I’ve tried. It’s like a cream texture and feels pretty similar to a moisturiser. This one would be great for drier skin types. It takes a bit longer to dry because of the thicker texture but once it has it leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

To be honest, I think both work equally well at keeping makeup on all day. I can imagine the Pore Refining one being the most popular as it’s more like a traditional primer, quick to use and will keep shine at bay. But if you’re looking for extra moisture and feel like primers can dry you out, then the Multi-Protect is perfect! It’s really just preference. But if you’re looking for a new primer I recommend you try these out, as just like most NARS products, they didn’t disappoint! 

Have you tried either of these NARS primers? 

Lily xx

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  1. I haven’t tried a NARS primer before, i’ll definitely take a look though, they look really good! x


  2. Bryony Dodds says:

    I’ve never tried a Nars’ face primers before but they look fab! Love their tinted moisturizer though, despite the colder months I’m still wearing it now!

    Having a MAC Makeup giveaway over on my blog if you want to come take a look?



  3. daniella-r says:

    I’ve only really been introduced to the world of primers. I love them and need to try these I think!
    Daniella x


  4. I don’t really use primers! These sound great but id like to try a cheaper option! Do you recommend any simular cheaper alternatives?


  5. I’ve recently gotten really into primers and I have to say I’m intrigued by this multi-protect formula. I have extremely dry skin, so it sounds like it would be really nice. I’m definitely going to have to check it out soon! xx

  6. nicolina(: says:

    I actually really want to try the NARS pore refining primer as my porefessional is running out and I want to have a go at something new. Thanks for making such a lovely review, it’s greatly appreciated :)x

  7. Gillian says:

    Do you still prefer your Laura Mercier primer to the Nars one? I am looking for a new primer so am curious as to which one is your favourite out of the two brands?

    G x


  8. Rebecca says:

    I’ve always been a little hesitant when it comes to primers, but the oil free one looks interesting. I might have to try it out!


  9. I need to get my hands on the Nars primer! It sounds amazing!!
    I’m a bit like you (obsessed with primers) I’m always trying out different ones!! 🙂

    Natasha Carly x

  10. Beth Bradley says:

    Primers have never been something that interest me, I find that they don’t make a difference to my make-up.

  11. Klaudia... says:

    They sound so lovely, widh i could afford high end products :L <3 xo


  12. Fernanda says:

    I’ve never actually tried anything from NARS, but I currently have a rather long wish list and you have just added another item to it. The pore refining primer sounds great, I’ll definitely check it out! xx


  13. Megan says:

    I always use a primer but they never really excite me. I’m not sure why x

  14. Katherine xo says:

    Really wish the oil-free primer had all the spf too! How disappointing. But they sound really nice! x


  15. oh the pore refining one sounds lovely ! xx

  16. Elrese Voges says:

    I wish we had NARS here :/ but I also love primers, especially as one gets older ahem it helps with fine lines LoL … thanks for the review it’s great 🙂


  17. i.s. says:

    love nars! they just opened a store in l.a.

  18. So would you choose your LM one over this or no?
    I currently use the mac one but i don’t think its too great
    S xx

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