Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick, Cherish & Honey – £5.99

I walked through Boots the other day and saw these. I had no idea they were already available in the UK, it seems that they came here much quicker than the lip butters did! 

I picked up three shades; Lovesick, Cherish and Honey. The packaging is pretty much exactly like the Clinique Chubby sticks; it looks like a crayon with a twisty bit at the bottom. They’re really nice and easy to apply which is something I really like about them. They apply as a glossy balm and leave a stain behind once the gloss fades. Lovesick, especially, has a very vibrant tint. Lovesick is a bright pink, Cherish is a a bubblegum pink and Honey is a dark nude pink. 

I think the price is good and I’ve also found them to be really nice mixed with other lip products, such as the Clinique Instant Light lip perfecter. My only negative would be the smell which is very strange. I think they are supposed to smell like mint but to me they just smell like soil and I’m not a big fan of it. 

Have you got your hands on any of these yet? What are your thoughts? 

Lily xx

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  1. Gillian says:

    I got Lovesick too and I love it! The stain lasts for AGES! 🙂 x

  2. Kat says:

    They arent out in Australia yet, but I bought some off ebay. I am patiently waiting for them to arrive 🙂

  3. Zoe says:

    I bought Lovesick this morning and absolutely love it! Its like the perfect formula. I know what you mean about the smell but i cant notice it unless im actually like, sniffing the product x

  4. daniella-r says:

    I really like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, I’ve only got rendezvous so far but I want Love sick too. (I kind of like the smell!)
    Daniella x

  5. Great review! I think that I am going to pick these up in the shades Honey, Cherish and Darling. I also really want to get Rendevous (an orange shade), but I doubt that I’ll be brave enough to wear it haha. x

  6. Beccy says:

    I haven’t tried these yet – I think your review has twisted my arm that I need to! x

  7. Hola Bambi says:

    They look soo nice!

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  9. Lauren says:

    Definitely going to be trying these! Love the Lovesick shade! xo

  10. Roisin. says:

    I’ve been loving these balmstains- Sweetheart is my favourite!x

  11. annie. says:

    ahhhh I’m at home in france at the moment so I can’t get these I don’t think 🙁 hoping someone in the uk will bring me some over when they come visit. they look so pretty.

  12. I just picked up a few of these and I really love them too! Can’t say I’d noticed the smell though, I’ll have to have a sniff!

  13. Charli says:

    I wonder if its just the batch that yours came from that smell funny, i have the same colours as you and they smell quite strongly of mint (which i lovee). Charl x

  14. alicebea says:

    i’m desperate to get my hands on one of these!

  15. Emily says:

    Really want to try these!

  16. Nicola says:

    these look lovely, can’t wait to try them! xx

  17. Margaret says:

    I think they’re pretty! I want to give it a go! I hope I will finf them in Italy too! xx

  18. can’t wait to try these!

  19. bought one of these today! the smell is awful, makes me feel sick when i put it on. wears off after a while so hopefully i’ll still get use out of it but it was horrendous. bought the orange one!

  20. Sara says:

    These sound so good! 🙂

  21. - B says:

    I got a few of them too, I’m in love!

  22. Milly says:

    I love the original Just Bitten stains, so I’m going to have to pick one of these up sometime soon! xx

  23. María says:

    They’re not actually supposed to smell like mint, but like peppermint, which has a similar yet different smell than mint.
    But if I try to smell the soil, I get what you mean. However, it’s peppermint.

    I also have Lovesick, and Sweetheart, which is a bright pink with warm undertones! 🙂

  24. I have lovesick too and rendez-vous (the preachy orange one) and truly love them both. They are such good products!


  25. I have honey but I really want charm if they end up releasing it in Australia.


  26. Jen27 says:

    These look gorgeous- great swatches! Can’t wait to get my hands on these when they make it to Canada 🙂

  27. Charli says:

    cherish and honey looks good for daywear!

  28. Samantha. says:

    Soil!! ahaha. They look great I want one!!xx

    Samantha’s Secret

  29. C. says:

    How long is this offer at boots?

  30. Cazzaline says:

    Don’t like the smell either, they smell like dental floss!

  31. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND THESE EVERYWHERE. AHHH. I’m not even sure if Canada sells them yet, but I have not had any luck finding them. I’ve tried Hamilton, Toronto AND Montreal! Poo!

  32. Emeli J says:

    ohh they are really pretty colours i might have to go and get one 🙂 xx

  33. WY says:

    I love Lovesick and Cherish! I’d love to get them, too bad the lip butters have not even arrived here yet -.-

    Raves ‘nd Ramblings

  34. Charlotte says:

    I am really enjoying these at the moment, but I really do like the smell aha :S X

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