Week #16

My ‘draw something’ of a brain  |  My life saver  |  New Essie polishes
Nelly.com shoes  |  Cadbury’s Chocolate mousse  |  Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess

View from the Four Seasons taken by Lily  |  Essie ‘Master Plan’  |  Rained on legs

Rushing in a black cab  |  Vivianna does nails  |  Nails inc neons

Nails inc nail jewellery  |  Byron with Jen and Zoe  |  Chocolate milkshake

Thought this said ‘My Woman’ – rude!  |  Handbag essential  |  Sushi! 

Giant walnut whip  |  More mini walnut whips inside!  |  Mess after filming videos

Taking my empties to Origins  |  FOTD  |  New Converse

Editing a makeup storage video  |  More Japanese food  |  Sunday lie in

Trying a hazlenut latté (yuk!)  |  Zara changing room  |  Italian Burrata at Fabrizio’s

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