Week #12

Rich with tea bags on his face  |  Road trip with Debs  |  Visiting my old Uni to do a talk! 

Shopping in the Bullring  |  Chicken Katsu curry  |  Collar tips from Zara

Chocolate milkshake  |  Krispy Kreme kitchen  |  NARS laguna from Buyapowa

New jumper  |  Outfit  |  Red velvet cupcakes at LOOK mag HQ

Me and Zoe  |  Collection’s 25th birthday party  |  Slob fest at The Diner

Such a messy dressing table!  |  Primark collar tip  |  Easter chocolate at work

Blue nails  |  Morning snack  |  Outfit

Lola’s  |  Magnum on a sunny afternoon  | Wok to Walk before night out

Cool bar in London  |  Cocktail in a teacup with a sandwich  |  ELLE covers

Chilling in a buggy  |  Outfit  |  Bouncy castle! 

Boris bike ride through London  |  Shoe shopping  |  Got these! 

99 flake  |  Pina Coladas!  |  Sunday morning hair

Sunday face  |  New Bourjois polish  |  Badminton in the garden

Lunch in the garden  |  Mini Milk  |  Cheesecake

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