MAC ‘Impassioned’

I recently had the urge to buy a bright lipstick, no idea why, but I fancied being adventurous. I’m not really the sort of person who knows all the MAC lipstick shades and all their names, I tend to just go to the counter and try them on depending on whether I’m drawn to the colour. 

This one called ‘Impassioned’ really caught my eye but I was pretty doubtful that it would suit me. It’s a gorgeous pink/coral shade that’s different to most shades I’ve seen. I tried it on and actually really liked it! I’ve worn it layered on and I’ve also worn it lightly dabbed on with my finger, both ways work well. I’ll have photos of me wearing it in my next outfit post, but until then, just enjoy the gorgeousness of a freshly untouched MAC lipstick. Don’t you love these kind of photos?! I do. 

Have you tried Impassioned? What do you think of it?

Lily xx

Disclaimer: This product was bought with my own money. 

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  1. FitznBitz says:

    I have it and love it for nights out. My boyfriends hates it… it “scares” him, but bright lippies in general do!! 🙂

  2. Milly says:

    oooo one of my favourite bright lips. Sure it will look lovely on you Lily – definitely one you can wear boldly or lightly dab on for a toned down finish x

  3. OO I really like this, I’m a big fan of MAC. I bought a similar shade from Topshop recently called Brighton Rock which I love. Great pics too xo

  4. Lowri says:

    This is my fav lipstick.. but I lost it 🙁 sob! I really must buy a new one next time I’m at Mac, coz I really love it!

    The Deer Head


  5. I’ve got this MAC lipstick and it’s really cute, love wearing it! it looks nothing the the one in your pic though, it’s all worn down!

    Jade x

    Ginger Pickle

  6. ♥mldvs says:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous! xx

  7. Phoebe says:

    I really want to try this! Blue-toned pinks don’t really suit me so a coral pink may be better! xx

  8. One of my favourite MAC brights, I’m also loving Vegas Volt too. Looks a little scary but it wears well.

    Great pics!

  9. Kirsty says:

    wow i love this colour it is so bright, cant wait to see what it looks like on 🙂 x

  10. missmonster says:

    OMG what for a powerful colour! I don´t like pink at all but this one looks really good. But on my Lips there´s just space for one colour – Nude 😉

  11. rhiannonvic says:

    This is one of my fave MAC lipsticks! Its such a gorgeous colour and so so bright! xx

  12. I love Impassioned, wore it on Saturday night, it’s a beautiful colour! I’m sure it will look fab on you!

  13. Gorgeous colour.

  14. Kirsty F says:

    Love this colour! I have a few bright lipsticks but im just not brave enough to wear them! Im determined to wear my Sleek reddy pink Heart Breaker lipstick this weekend! lol xx

  15. Fiona Lily says:

    This is the colour i was looking for!
    I love it

  16. Jessica* says:

    This is stunning, I need it!! Gorgeous!!!!

  17. keishaxoxo says:

    This colour is lovely 🙂
    MAC lippys are my favorite x x x

  18. ~K~ says:

    I LOVE this lipstick!! I am wearing it with everything atm but it works so well for a night out 🙂

  19. That will so suite you! I’m trying to be more adventurous with lipsticks too 🙂

  20. Natalie says:

    This is my favourite lipstick ever! I have the same colouring as you and it really suits my skintone… can’t wait to see it on! x

  21. wowsville says:

    That colour is LUSH! I’m gonna rush out and buy it immediately!

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