The Look Show A/W11: On the day

I woke up on Saturday very excited for the day ahead and luckily I didn’t have to wait long as Kate and I arranged to meet at 12 at King’s Cross. We got the train all the way to Stratford (it is so far from North London) and met Emma along the way. 
Westfield was absolutely mental. I usually avoid shopping centres like this on a Saturday, especially on it’s first weekend open – so it was pretty vile. We fought our way through the crowds and made it up to the Look Lounge. The ‘pop-up’ style shop was really sweet and felt very exclusive. We had a bit of a stress trying to find our passes and had to walk back and forth from the lounge to the media hub (not cool in heels). By this point though, there was a big group of us and I loved meeting Gem, Jen, Steph, Hannah and Tabitha and seeing Lily again. 
Once we sorted out our passes we attempted to find somewhere to eat, but the queues were massive so we went to hang out in the Media hub. It was here where I got to say hi to some more lovely bloggers, like Cassie, Sarah, Sarah, AmeliaJade and Sarah. We had some pink champagne and M&S canapés…yum! 

The photo below is Sarah’s. I love it! 

After a few glasses of champagne, we made our way up to the Look Show Catwalk. It was a cool set up, all bright white with a big screen at the start of the catwalk. It was a shame that a lot of guests had to stand and sit on balconies, as it was really far from the catwalk and probably really hard to see. 
We took our seats third row, just behind Kelis, and we were pretty happy with our spot! 
 Gem, Jen and Lily rocking front row! 

I clearly had not done my research on this year’s Look Show, as I was really surprised to see Dionne Bromfield walk out onto the catwalk half way through to perform her single. I am always raving about her, so this was a real treat – and I think she was amazing! She looked great too; I really loved her scalloped silver top! 
Alisha Dixon was sat opposite us, literally dancing in her seat the whole way through. I was also really surprised to see Sarah Harding walk out onto the catwalk as the first model. She really blended in with the models! Wasn’t a massive fan of her orange hair though…. 
I was also snapped for my first ‘Street Style’ photo for the Look website. It was really awkward, but you can see my full length outfit.. for once! 
SO… here’s my round up of all my favourite looks that I saw on the catwalk. All the photos below are from the Look website because I wanted to show you the outfits really clearly. For all these outfits I remember thinking ‘ooh I like that’, and it all came back to me when I browsed the website after the show. 
I think the best thing about the show for me, was getting to meet up with so many lovely fellow bloggers. It’s always nice to meet the people behind the tweets and catch up ‘in real life’. 
We all left with a  lovely goodie bag full of goodies… and overall, it was a really great day. 
Hope you like the photos! 
Lily xx

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