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  • 11th Jul 2011

Supper Club | London

I think I am ruining the surprise element of what it is like to experience the Supper Club… so if you think you are going to go and want it to be a surprise – don’t read on! 🙂

On Saturday night a group of us went to Supper Club for a friend’s birthday. I didn’t really know what to expect, and if I’m honest I was very sceptical about spending £45 on food… in fact, I was quite upset at the thought of it. After 15 minutes of being in the restaurant I definitely changed my mind…

As we entered we were given a sticker with a number on, depending on our table booking. All bookings arrived at the same time and were held in a small bar for half an hour where we sipped on delicious cocktails (I had a G-Spot – awkward to order). After half an hour we were all well into our pointless conversations when suddenly the most dramatic classical music burst through the speakers. As we all turned to see what was going on the walls slid open to reveal the restaurant. I don’t even know how to describe it, but to go from a small dark bar to a MASSIVE white canvas room was an amazing experience. We were guided through the club, upstairs to our ‘bed’… yes bed, not table.

We took our shoes off and jumped on the bed to get comfy. The waiters, who were dressed in Hawaiian shirts, shorts and flip-flops came over and asked if there were any vegetarians. Soon the food started arriving and the whole restaurant was served the same food at the same time.

First course… Anchovies, salad, beef carpaccio and green beans. As the lights went out we soon discovered that there would be more to the night than just eating. We were given a show in between each course; the first was a great performance of ‘Fever’ by a girl who sounded a lot like Jessie J.

Second course… Carrot, coriander and cardamon soup with orange and chocolate sauce. It was incredible!

After second course was a really weird dance performance from a man who looked like Matt Lucas wearing a straight jacket… bit too freaky for my liking.

Third course… Monk fish, potatoes, pak choi and some kinda yummy sauce. Then another song by Jessie J sounding girl.

Dessert…. Rice pudding with a white chocolate and raspberry sorbet. Surprisingly I liked this; I don’t usually like rice pudding. Then we had another show from a fire dancer on stilts.

After four courses lying down I was feeling very happy and mellow…. but at 11pm they let in the public (ie people who didn’t book for dinner). It quickly became more of an Ibiza club atmosphere and we were told that to keep our table for the night we would have to buy two bottles of Grey Goose (a total of £450). Clearly we said no and spent the rest of the night hovering by our ex-table. I stayed until 1am, but wasn’t a massive fan of the club part. I think if I were to go again I would go for dinner, stay for a couple of over-priced cocktails and then head home.

All together though a great night. It was an experience I’d definitely recommend. The menu changes everyday and the entertainment does too, so you never know what you are going to get.

Hope you like this post. Sorry it is so long – there’s no way I could describe my night in a few lines…

Hope you had a great weekend!

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