This post is mainly for any of my friends and family who may read my blog and want to know what this GlossyBox thing I am always talking about is. I’m sure most of you regular readers will already know as it has been written about all over the blog world. 
GlossyBox is a monthly subscription, where every month you receive a beautiful box filled with 5 (surprise) high-end, luxury miniature beauty products. So by miniature products, I mean, basically small bottles and small tubs etc. Unlike other similar concepts who send out sachet samples, GlossyBox always send out decent size and sometimes even full size products. The point of GlossyBox is for women to be able to try out products in their own time and in their own home, without an annoying lady at a beauty stand pressuring you to buy something expensive. GlossyBox aims to get new, niche and not as well known brands, so that people can try new things they may not necessarily normally go for. There are occasionally well known brands as well, such as NARS and O.P.I. 
I just think it is such a brilliant concept, and for £12.95 it is so worth it! It is not about getting a bargain, it is about opening your mind to other brands, and being able to really try a product well before purchasing it in full size. It’s amazing… I love it. 
Here are some photos of my June GlossyBox.
The effort that goes into these boxes is phenomenal. The BioEffect serum is incredible and the full size product (which is only 15ml) retails for £125! I can’t wait to try this out. The mini O.P.I nail polish is very cute, and I get bored of nail polishes so quickly, this size is actually perfect for me. The little Perles de Lalique perfume is so sweet, although, since it’s my Mum’s favourite perfume I have a feeling she might steal it from me. I was lucky to get a full size Margaret Dabbs exfoliating foot mousse in mine. It is massive and I noticed that it is made with Emu Oil, which is seriously good!! There have been people complaining about the Batiste Dry Shampoo, but personally I like having it. It is a perfect handbag size, and just what I need in the Summer! Maybe not as high-end as people would like, but who needs a high-end dry shampoo when Batiste does a perfect job! 
So anyway, enough with the rambling. I just think it is so great, and for me, just opening such a gorgeous box every month is worth it. It is still such a new company and I know the products are going to get better and better every month. I’m excited! 
If you like the idea you can subscribe at 
I hope you all had a great day. It is SO sunny in London, it is amazing! Loving it! 

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