Colour Block

Last week when the sun came out I had a sudden realization of how much black and grey takes up my wardrobe. I suddenly craved some colour – even though I hardly ever wear it. The best highstreet store to go to for colour at the moment is definitely Zara. It is literally like a rainbow in there. I picked up about 20 items and took them all into the fitting room. Some were horrendously unflattering, and some were surprisingly sweet. I hardly ever wear colour, and when I do, it is paired with black or white or something plain. Whilst trying everything on, top by top and skirt by skirt, I stumbled across this combo. I would never normally wear green and blue together, but I think I really like this!
I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t quite braved it outside yet. But it is not an outfit that can be worn with tights, so I will have to wait until the weather improves. But I am looking forward to wearing this colourful, sort of preppy look this summer!
What do you guys think?

Sorry for the akward lighting… stupid sun was on the wrong side of my house 🙂

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