• 14th Mar 2011

Here comes the Sun…

I have been looking for some kinda oversized, loose knit, spring type jumper… 
The Topshop and Urban Outfitter ones are amazing, but just too expensive. I can’t bring myself to spend that much on something which is so cheap to make. I was walking down Oxford Street last week and in the corner of my eye I saw this jumper in a store. It is from Vera Moda, which is a store that has never appealed to me. It was in the sale for £10, so I obviously grabbed it and bought it straight away. I love it, it is perfect for the weather at the moment. 
Waking up on a Saturday morning to the sun shining so brightly through my windows was beautiful. I wish it was like that every day.
My followers on Bloglovin’ seem to be going up which is exciting. I have introduced a few friends to Bloglovin’ recently. It really is the best blog site!
Got some good photo posts coming up.. so keep checking back! 🙂 

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