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So, there have been many times in the past where I have found myself in this sort of situation:

-The girl in the hairdressers says “I love your necklace, where is it from?”
-A friend of a friend says “I am loving reading blogs and really want to find more”
-Someone says to me “oh I was telling someone about your blog, but I couldn’t remember what the site address called”

etc, etc, etc… and then my Mum says – oh you should have told them about your blog! (but I just cringe at the idea)

So for situations like this, when I want to tell people about my blog, but don’t want to make a massive deal about it, I just want to tell them where they can see it; I made myself some MOO cards. I’ve been playing around with designs for ages and ended up getting confused and not ordering them. So last week I just quickly decided on this design, using one of my own photos, but I might change it if I need to re-order. It’s good for now…

Do you like them? I think they are quite sweet. I am so tired at the moment from work, illness and everything and I have been going on about it on TWITTER. The lovely people from Biotherm sent me a night cream from their Skin Ergetic range to try and help the tired symptoms. So I will let you know after I have used it for a few weeks whether my skin feels energized.

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