Beauty Haul

Just some products I have been loving over the last month or so….

001. The other night I tried the new Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere foundation on one side of my face and the classic Vitalumiere on the other. To my suprise, and slight disappointment, the Vitalumiere was much nicer. Although the new Aqua Vitalumiere promises to be light-weight and more like a tinted moisturiser, I actually felt like it was heavier and more make-up looking on my skin. I loved the Vitalumiere though, and despite the bottle not being as nice as the Aqua Vitalumiere, I got it… and so far it has been great! 

002. My SIGMA brushes arrived! Yay! Love them so much. They are literally the same as Mac brushes but ridiculously cheaper, even including the postage fee. Can’t wait to use them properly, they are so great. You can use the link on the right column to see/buy their products! 

003. The Bobbi Brown corrector… finally an answer to dark circles! I hate my dark circles, they drive me mad and coverup doesn’t work, it just makes them look worse. This is one of the best products I have ever bought! The pink, salmon tone neutralizes the dark colour on your skin, and you can apply coverup on top or just wear it on it’s own. So it doens’t looked covered, it just doesn’t look like it’s there! Ah and it is so creamy! Love love love! 
004. Arbonne FC5 eye cream. Yes, it is about time I used an eye cream. I think they recommend you start when you are 21… so I am overdue. This one is great though, really refreshing and I can tell it is going to last for ages, I haven’t even made it out the lid yet!
005. Loreal Volume Millions Lashes in Extra Black. I never use ‘drugstore’ mascaras… I have always gone for Clinique or YSL. But this month I am poor and you know what… this mascara is really good. I am very impressed! 
006. Laura Mercier primer… pretty standard, everyone uses it so I don’t need to say much. We all know it is great!
I know I am not a ‘beauty blogger’ but this is “what I heart” *cringe* at the moment -so this is what I am writing about. Hope you all like it!
Thanks for reading! 

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