L for Lilac

Sorry if this may be a boring post, but I just wanted to show you a cardigan I bought a while ago at the beginning of the knit season. I wanted a knitted cardigan and had seen some nice ones around, like a white chunky cardigan from New Look that had big brown buttons. But they either didn’t look right, or were really itchy. I came across this one in Topshop and thought it was really nice. I don’t think I have anything in my wardrobe that is purple, so this little lilac number looks nice and fresh amongst my blacks and greys.
I am having 3 wisdom teeth out on Friday and having a general anesthetic so I am a bit scared about that and sad that I won’t be able to eat for a while… but hopefully I’ll do something nice tomorrow before it, and at the moment I am watching the new Grey’s Anatomy, so I’m happy! 
Here are some more photos…
Thanks for reading. And HI to all my new readers!! 
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