• 30th Jan 2011

Bright Here, Bright Now

I have always been very unsure of trying ‘drugstore’ skincare. I’ve sort of been brain washed to think that only the expensive brands are good. Although a lot of the cheaper brands DO have a lot of rubbish and chemicals in them, there are some that don’t.

I saw a review of this product on YouTube and thought I’d try it out. It is Soap & Glory Bright Here, Bright Now energy balm. It sort of feels like a thick moisturizer and I have been applying it after my primer and before my foundation. I  don’t wear it everyday, but for the days when I feel extra rough and tired, this product is great. It is supposed to give you a sort of glow and brighten up your face. I really like how it applies and how it feels on my skin… but I wasn’t sure if it was actually doing anything. But then I realized that this week I have received way more compliments from my friends than usual… so I guess it works! It is £10. Now I am very tempted to try some other Soap & Glory products! Anyone recommend any?

I have had a mental weekend and am exhausted, so this will definitely come in use Monday morning!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my graduation dress. I can’t wait to wear it again, I love it!

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