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Where has this year gone?! Believe it or not we are (sort of) on the countdown to Christmas and for me, that always starts with beauty advent calendars.

I first discovered this luxury alternative to a classic chocolate calendar three or four years ago and since then they have just got better and better.

The L’Occitane en Provence advent calendar is a beautiful work of art which has sold out every year since it launched two years ago. It’s no surprise with £82 worth of L’Occitane products inside but a retail price of only £42!

It’s definitely one of the prettiest advent calendars out there. It’s illustrated by renowned French illustrator Kanako and shows the festive atmosphere of the L’Occitane gift workshop. It’s so cute! I think the mixing room is my favourite but every scene is so beautiful I could just stare at it all day. It’s definitely the sort of calendar that you’d want to display on a shelf for everyone to see.

Hidden behind every door are 24 luxury travel sized products including my all-time favourite Almond Shower Oil. I won’t give away too much of what’s inside but it’s the perfect mix of fragrance, skincare, body and haircare.

L’Occitane have been kind enough to give you guys a special offer to receive free delivery for everyone who purchases a calendar using my special link below. Also, even better, if you’re one of the first 50 you’ll receive 3 mini L’Occitane crackers filled with their iconic shea hand creams for yourself or to use as a gift

To purchase your own L’Occitane calendar with free P&P (and free crackers for the first 50 people) please use this link and add the code “LILYXMAS” at checkout to claim your crackers!

Bring on Christmas I say!

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  1. Wowza, they’re even earlier this year. I’ve had the calendar for two years now and I’ll probably get it again this year.

  2. Holly Cooke says:

    This is just super cute, I absolutely love the illustration! x


  3. Ooh I adore L’occitane! Might get my mum this as an early gift! x

  4. Quest for Calm says:

    Such a fan of the Almond shower oil, looks like that’s such a nice advent calendar.

    Samantha | http://www.questforcalm.com

  5. Julia Speaks says:

    I get so excited when the beauty advent calendars start coming out! 😀 The design is indeed really pretty, and you get so much for the actual price you pay it.

    Julia x
    Last post: Travel Diary in the Alps | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/holiday-diaries-roaming-french-alps.html

  6. Nicole Merza says:

    Ou, this is such a lovely calendar! I’ve always admired beauty advent calendars every year but never actually bought one. I think that’s going to have to change this year! I can’t resist!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  7. Amy Elliott says:

    Nabbed one! And using the special code. I decided I was going to treat myself to a beauty advent calendar this year, so when it popped up it had to be done! Thank you so much 🙂 Amy x

  8. Chantal says:

    That looks like such a cute calendar! x


  9. Elle says:

    What a lovely advent calendar! x

    Ellé | http://www.ellesimpson.co.uk

  10. Lauren S says:

    Definitely need to pick up a beauty calendar this year, so many minis!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  11. Ellen says:

    Ahh this gives me such christmas feels!!

    Ellen x

  12. Stine Sommer says:

    Dear Lily. I have tried to purchase the beautiful calender, but it doesn’t seem like they ship outside the UK. I would gladly pay for the shipping cost. Do you think it is possible for me to purchase it? (They don’t have a Danish site)

  13. Zoe Linda says:

    This has made me want to listen to Christmas songs! Hello Mr. Buble 😉 x

  14. M. says:

    What an increadibly beautiful advent calendar!


  15. Love your review, this advent calendar looks so amazing!!

  16. Abigail Silvester says:

    This advent calendar is so cute, love the packaging!

  17. raquel says:

    this advent calendar is very pretty!!!

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