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Coconut Oil has been working it’s way into cosmetic formulations for a while now after discovering it’s health benefits and the huge trend throughout the food and wellbeing industry. This time round it’s not just coconut oil making it’s way into a beauty product but also coconut water. The Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paints incorporates both ingredients into it’s new formula to hydrate and nourish the nails. The antioxidant properties help to strengthen the nails alongside the blend of Hexanal and Vitamins B & C. The formula also includes high reflective resin which is why it looks so beautifully shiny on the nails.

The caring, gentle formula requires no base coat and I used two coats although I think one would have also been fine. I really love  the formula of these polishes, it left my nails looking bright and fresh and they felt nourished and not at all stripped.

There are 9 shades available, above I have Bikini (green), Laguna (blue), Sunkissed (tan) and Starfish (nude). Each polish is only £4.99 – what a bargain!

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  1. ChristineIversen says:

    That blue is gorgeous, been really into pastels and very soft shades lately :-) x

    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

  2. What! This sounds amazing. Would love to try. My nails are so dry from being colored every few days.

  3. Julia Speaks says:

    This new range sounds great! I’ve seen them in person and the shades are gorgeous as well. Coconut oil is everywhere at the moment! But it does means that the formula of these must be amazing, I’m even surprised to see that no base coat is needed – this can save a lot of time when doing manicures.

    Julia x
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  4. emily couture says:

    I love using Barry M nail polish so I will definitely need to check this out :)

    emily xx

  5. Y i n G says:

    Pretty colour range and perfect that it can hydrate the nails too.
    Need to invest in a few soon!

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  6. Sheridan Grady says:

    I keep seeing these everywhere and they have so many lovely shades and such a good idea! Must get some for spring! xx

  7. My nails are so brittle at the moment I really need something caring.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  8. Good to hear it’s gentle on the nails!

  9. Anais says:

    I’m not sure Barry M is available in France, but I might check out the Boots website to see if I can get my hand on those ! they look great and are so affordable :)

    Thanks Lily !!
    Love, Anaïs

  10. Lauren says:

    I love Barry M nail polishes, they always last so well on my nails and are so affordable I can pick up a new colour each week! Love the sound of the coconut infused ones x

  11. Laura Bloom says:

    Barry M are my favourite nail polish brand. They seem to last much longer than other brands on me. *off to Boots*
    Laura x

  12. I keep eyeing these up when I pop into Boots, the shades all look so lovely. I’m really into Rimmel nail polishes at the minute, its definitely time to give Barry M a shot.

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

  13. Ambar Syed says:

    Wow – that blue looks fabulous on you Lily! So summer appropriate – I need to pick it up as well :)
    – Ambar x

  14. Louise says:

    Might have to make a cheeky trip to Boots before holiday for a few of these, such pretty shades!

  15. Megan Clarke says:

    Do these smell like coconut? Because I’m not a fan of the smell!

  16. Georgina Swinson says:

    i think i may have to pick some of these up! x

  17. I love Barry M, I’m definitely going to pick a few of these up! x

  18. I love that blue colour, these look gorgeous!

    jenna | Beauty And The Style

  19. Laura M says:

    Love these shades – especially the blue! Something about the packaging is really cute, too!

    She Likes to Shop

  20. Jen Brett says:

    i need that lite blue in my life

  21. Alice Red says:

    I love nail polishes that don’t need a base coat! And the colours are gorgeous x

  22. Mehar Singh says:

    I love those colors!

  23. Daisy Green says:

    These look so perfect for summer! I’m obsessed with anything coconut and starfish looks beautiful <3

  24. Lauren S says:

    I get really dry flakey nails so this would be awesome for me! Love the blue and neutral shade.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  25. Kirsty says:

    I’m interested to see if these actually do make a difference to the condition of your nails. The spring shades are all really pretty too, I really want Laguna & Surfboard (a light pink) xx

  26. Grace says:

    I love Barry M nail polishes i swear I’ve been obsessed with then since I was at school and I’m so glad they’re still amazing and affordable! Seriously lusting over that blue colour!

  27. Angeline says:

    I adore Barry M’s shades, they’re always so beautiful! I’m loving the idea of the coconut infusion, it just makes the nails so much healthier! xx

  28. The Sunday Mode says:

    I feel like (as you said) coconut oil really is working it’s way into so many beauty products nowadays, it seems to be one of those hyped ingredients of the moment.

    Coconut oil in them or not, I think these Barry M polishes look gorgeous- especially that blue shade!

  29. Ella says:

    Wow definitely definitely want to try these out. They’re beautiful shades as well, so annoyed that I can’t purchase Barry M in New Zealand! If anyone could check out my blog it would be amazing x.

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