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I’m feeling particularly spritely at the moment and I’m trying harder to take the time for the occasional fist-pump and self pat on the back. I’m pretty sure it’s all down to my current read, “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. The Facebook COO has written down her personal career story and I’m only half way through but already feeling completely empowered. She has an incredible way of looking at things and it’s really made me think about my own take on feminism and my own personal career path. I’d definitely recommend it!

I met up with the lovely Amber-Rose last week to take some snaps on Charlotte Street as I wanted to share some new pieces in my wardrobe. Charlotte Street is one of my favourite areas in London, especially for food! Right in the middle of the street is the Charlotte Street hotel, a beautiful location and a great spot for afternoon tea.

I picked up this blazer in Topshop and it’s quite different for me so I was unsure at first but I love it. It’s loose fitting with double breasted button details and a gorgeous bamboo print. It actually comes with matching shorts but I prefer to wear it with casual jeans and flats. I’m so happy the weather is improving in London, it means I can finally start wearing my Whistles flats – they’re so comfortable and go with everything!

I’m so in love with my new bag, it’s the Celine Nano Luggage Tote and I picked it up when I was in Paris for fashion week. The purchase was completely overshadowed by the fact that I saw Jessica Alba in the Celine store but it was a really special purchase and one I’d done a lot of research for beforehand. I’ll be filming a handbag collection soon where I’ll talk more about this bag in detail but I’m so happy with it and I’m glad I chose this one in the end. The tricolour makes it really interesting and I love the pop of blue!

NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu has been my staple nude lip gloss recently and it’s perfect for a subtle everyday lip. I’d love to know what you think of these photos? Would you like me to do more?

Photos by Amber-Rose

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  1. Dressed With Soul says:

    Your look with the slip-ons is cool and very stylish!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. You look so pretty! Love the all blue look. And Tiramisu is indeed a great color for you.

  3. You look great! I’m always looking for new books to read to I will add Lean In to the list, thanks for the recommendation :-)

  4. Sophie says:

    Gorgeous photos, loved this post Lily!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  5. Jessica Thoma says:

    Gorgeous outfit! I would love more posts like this :) I’ve also been meaning to read Lean In for absolute ages and never got round to it, really need to do that now!

    Jess from http://jess-inretrospect.blogspot.com/

  6. emily couture says:

    Such a cute outfit :)

    emily xx


  7. Anika May says:

    Great outfit, I need that bag in my life!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  8. Ambar Syed says:

    Your bag is utterly gorgeous Lily!
    – Ambar x

  9. rara says:

    Please don’t do any more. Ever again. What is with this new trend for bloggers to have professional pics whilst showing off their latest luxury bag that they ‘so carefully considered purchasing’? Please don’t all turn into Estee Lalonde, it’s a total snooze fest. And that blazer looks like curtains.

  10. Parie says:

    I love your style, causal yet very smart!

    Parie x


  11. Megan says:

    You look beautiful Lily! I love the blazer and the new bag is gorgeous. I’d love to see a what’s in my bag soon! :) xx

  12. Inma says:

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Lean In and it is definitely one in my wish list. Last year we set up a network for women at work where we support each other to develop and progress in our careers and it has really changed the meaning that feminism has for me. I hope you do a full video or post about the book and your thoughts on it.

    Inma x

  13. Paige says:

    Love seeing a style post from you!! You look so good, and I love that blazer on you! x


  14. Emma says:

    Loving your outfit, that bag is amazing! I’m definitely gonna have to pick this book up!


  15. Lisa Santos says:

    I love your style and how naturally beautiful you are. No need for tons of makeup, your are just gorgeous xx


  16. The Sunday Mode says:

    I’d love to see more of these kinds of posts. I think that blazer looks really nice on you as well. I look forward to the handbag collection video :)


  17. Jaime says:

    Love the outfit and it looks really good on you! The photographs are really nice and different from your usual ones :)

  18. Kate says:

    They are really nice photos and the quality is definitely evident, especially when you view them larger. However I’m not sure they add anything to my overall enjoyment of the blog, if you see what I mean? Just my opinion!

  19. Shivani Shukla says:

    Love this outfit, and your photos are taken so beautifully. Would love it if you checked out my blog :)


  20. Ashley Christabelle says:

    You should definitely do more outfit posts, I’m in love!! x


  21. I really like the blazer, but blue isn’t my color. Too bad, as the print is lovely.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  22. Amazing pictures Lily!


  23. Cassie says:

    I’m a huge fan of the NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu. It’s such a perfect nude! The Celine bag is gorgeous as well, it’s definitely on my list of high-end handbags to purchase someday.


  24. Ioana says:


  25. Kia Grace says:

    Love the smart casual look, you should do more of “casual” style/life updates as this one! x


  26. Monochrome Roses says:

    stunning post Lily- I love your style so much <3 x


  27. Lacy Trevor Thompson says:

    Love it! Yes, do more like this!

  28. Mollie says:

    I love an outfit post from you, Lily! Such a fun & different post from you :)

    xoxo Mollie


  29. Ellenor says:

    That bag! That jacket!! That lip colour!!! I am in love! 😀


  30. Me says:

    Love the shoes, I am so glad the weather is getting better so I can crack out my slip on’s again, getting tired of socks and boots now.

    Meme xx

    New Post:

    ‘Want to Detox, Why Not Try TeaTox*?’


  31. Mantenso says:

    I Love the loafer/sneaker hybrid of those shoes!
    Lean in is supposed to be so good, I’m going to read it after I’ve finished my newest lot of books haha!




  32. Lee says:

    that blazer is AMAZING!

    Lee – leethrifts.com

  33. Vee says:

    The bag is gorge Lily, congrats I’m looking forward to the video!


  34. Abby Harrington says:

    Love this post, and would love to read more like it! Lean In is such a good read. I really enjoyed it.

  35. Jess says:

    Beautiful images – gorgeous bag!


  36. Julia Speaks says:

    I love the fact that you’re smiling a lot in these photos – you look happy and very natural, spontaneous. We don’t always see that in outfit shoots, so thumbs up for that! The Céline bag is super pretty and I love how it matches the outfit you’re wearing. It must have been such a cool experience to see Jessica Alba in the shop!
    As for the book, I don’t read non-fiction in general so that’s not the sort of book that I research and go for. However it must be so inspiring to read the story of a powerful, successful woman. We need more of these! 😀

    Julia x
    Last post – Five Things To Do In Spring: http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2016/03/five-things-to-do-in-spring.html

  37. Anna says:

    Lovely shots, you look really happy! Also that Celine Tote Bag is awesome, I love the blue part, too. NYX Butter Gloss are great, I love them (I have the one in Berry Strudel)
    Anna From Italy


  38. Lauren S says:

    Lovely images Lily, and the Celine bag is gorgeous – definitely a perfect investment piece! If you ever need a photographer, I’m always up to do some shots :)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  39. Jeanine Guzman says:

    Love these shots Lily, you look great!! I’ve been meaning to read Lean In for awhile now. It might have to be next on my list xx


  40. Emily says:

    Love love love!!

  41. Sarah Suy says:

    lovely post, I would love to see more style posts!!


  42. El Z says:

    I love the bag!! You look lovely.


  43. Can not wait to see more fashion posts from you. Love the wonderful bag!

    Maireem | My Fair Autumn | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: myfairautumn

  44. Jennifer Peer says:

    I loved this post! Such beautiful photos.


  45. Laura says:

    Lovely photos! Love the outfit :)


  46. Bea Montenegro says:

    I absolutely love how you dress! Its a perfect mix of casual chic and absolute comfort. A good pair of walking shoes is a must too! Love that we have mutual style preferences.

    xx beaandbeauty.com

  47. Kate says:

    The book sounds like a great read. Love the outfit photos and the Celine bag is absolutely gorgeous. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  48. Jenni says:

    I love these photos! I also just bought that lip gloss and can’t wait to wear it. xx


  49. Laura M says:

    These pictures look fantastic Lily! Love that blazer!

    She Likes to Shop

  50. Cliona says:

    Love the whole outfit! That jacket is so dreamy x


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