7am Dance Party // Weekly Vlog

Sorry that it’s been so long since my last vlog, I’ve honestly just really enjoyed making other content. I hope you enjoy this vlog and don’t worry they haven’t gone anywhere, I just vlog when I want to vlog! Thanks for watching.

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  1. Seemed like such a fun rave! I love juices so much I think I would have enjoyed something like this :) I don’t know about waking up early though 😛 -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  2. Now that sounds like m kind of Dance Party! Am I getting old?

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. emily couture says:

    Such a great and funny vlog :)

    emily xx


  4. This was a great vlog :-) glad they’re back!


  5. Lauren says:

    I’ve heard of these 7am raves! Love that you drink juice instead of alcohol, my kinda party haha x


  6. What a cool party concept, I love that 😀 You and Hannah are so fun together.

  7. The Sunday Mode says:

    I think vlogging when you want to vlog is a great idea, otherwise I’d imagine it’d start to feel like a chore?

    Saying that, I absolutely love watching your vlogs, they’re some of my favourite videos you do!


  8. Alk A says:

    I really love your vlog… it is so relaxing.. I am so happy that you have a break and are back now! always good to do it when you feel like to! :)


  9. Lucy Alex says:

    I love your vlogs! Super excited that you’re back doing them but I agree, you should only do it when you feel like it!

    Lucy x


  10. Jpoppy says:

    This party / rave sounds insane and would love to give one a go. Great vlog as always.


  11. Kate says:

    I love the idea of the party! Like you I would probably then be ready for bed by 8pm though! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  12. TheGirl WhoWantsToTravel says:

    This sounds amazing! Loved your vlog like usual 😘xx

  13. Emily says:

    Love your vlogs! Very exciting news about the rings!
    Em x
    Life of Em | http://www.lifeofem.co.uk

  14. Me says:

    Haven’t been to a party in ages, looked like fun!

    Meme x


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