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I remember discovering the “Back to MAC” scheme many years ago and thinking why didn’t anyone tell me about this?! So today, although most of you may already know, I wanted to talk about Back to MAC for those of you who don’t. It’s MAC’s way of doing their bit with the environment, so all you have to do is take back 6 empty (or unwanted) MAC primary packaging and then you can pick from any of their main collection lipsticks! They accept empty eyeshadow pots so if you buy the pots and then like to depot them for a palette, that should be fine.

I tend to keep my empty or unwanted MAC items in a drawer and when I recently checked I had well over 6! I always like to swap them for a lipstick I’ve never tried or heard of and this time the one I went for was Fast Play. It’s an Amplified formula so it’s creamy but still intense and it has a nice mix of pink and brown making it an almost bold nude lip. It’s less purple than Syrup and it’s very  similar to Mehr, just not matte. It’s ever so slightly darker than Mehr but if you like the look of Mehr and find mattes hard to wear, this one is for you!

I love it and I’m so happy with my choice. It’s my daytime Mehr… It’s amazing. What do you think?

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