IMG_9942 IMG_9954Prepare yourself for all the heart eyed emojis… Chanel have created an entire Rouge Noir collection! *squeal*

Chanel’s iconic nail polish, Rouge Noir, was first created 20 years ago but until now it’s never been more than that. For their Christmas collection this year they’ve added a whole range of Rouge Noir products and it is seriously beautiful.

The Rouge Noir nail polish has always been a favourite of mine for Autumn as it’s a deep wine that’s so flattering on the nails. The lipstick is incredibly intense but although scary when you first apply, it’s actually quite easy to wear. The texture is soft and velvety and I think it’s the perfect statement lip. They’ve added three Rouge Noir eye products to the collection too and although I was desperate to pile them all on I think I would have looked a bit too Rouge Noir so I just went for the eyeliner and mascara. The eyeliner is a really nice alternative to black and once it’s warmed up a bit it’s really easy to blend and smoke out along the lash line. The mascara is also great, it gives really good length and volume and makes a nice change from black. Not too purple, not too red, just right!

Something that really got me excited is the Illusion D’Ombre in Rouge Noir. Their Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows are so strange in texture, like a bouncy, creamy powder. This plum, slight glitter shadow is really pretty and can be used quite sheer or really built up for an intense Christmas look.

Also in the collection is the Highlighting Blush in Coups De Minuit which I actually like to apply with my fingers. It’s not at all glittery or shimmery, it just adds light to the skin where you want it. It’s very fine so it won’t look powdery on the skin. It’s a gorgeous highlighter. There’s also the Gold Sparkle Top Coat which looks like you’ve applied gold leaf onto your nails. I can’t wait to wear this at Christmas!

The Chanel Christmas ’15 collection looks the best yet in my opinion. There’s definitely a few sellout products so when 6th November rolls round you better be ready!

Got your eye on any of these products?


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  1. Totally drooling over this! You look beautiful in the picture btw. Really keepin an eye on this Illusion d’Ombre, it looks amaaaazing! 💕💕

    | |

  2. Rouge noir is one of my favourite nail colours time to dig it out again for this winter the cream shadow sounds really nice too. K x

  3. tiffanytales says:

    Exciting! That look is absolutely gorgeous on you X

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. AvantiGarde says:

    Love these dark hues on you! Absolutely stunning. The berry toned lipstick is divine.


  5. That lip colour is absolutely gorgeous!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  6. Bev says:

    So excited to try the Gold Sparkle Top Coat at Christmas!

  7. emily couture says:

    I love that lipstick shade :)

    emily xx

  8. Sophie says:

    It all looks so beautiful!! It’s also out a day before my Birthday which surely must be a sign!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  9. Chanel is such a gorgeous luxurious brand. The eye shadows and the blush sound absolutely amazing!

    Asian “Beauty Trend” //

  10. Holly Cooke says:

    Oh wow! This collection looks absolutely stunning! x

  11. Lauren says:

    So excited for this collection, makes me feel all Christmassy already! x

  12. Chanel limited collections are always stunning, I can’t wait to see it!

  13. Rosy Flynn says:

    Love the lipstick, definitely a colour my collection is lacking.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  14. Hazel and Ginger says:

    That mascara and highlight blusher are musts! Chanel is always genius!

  15. CB says:

    Oh my god – you’ve just written my Christmas list for me! I love the nail varnish collection and their make up in general – thank for the heads up!

    CB x

  16. Miss Nahn says:

    So glad to read your review on this collection.
    I’m afraid the whole collection has just landed on my birthday wishlist… can’t wait!

  17. Paige says:

    Whoa, I’ve never tried any Chanel beauty products, but I really want this whole collection! So many gorgeous things here, and that lipstick looks perfect on you!

  18. Sara Fleming says:

    Lily, you suit that lipstick so much, you look incredible!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  19. Emma and Emily says:

    This looks totally gorgeous!

    Emily x

  20. Inma says:

    That lipstick is BEAUTIFUL! I love giving the Rouge Noir nail polish as a birthday gift or Christmas gift to friends. Last year I bought it for my 17 year old niece and she absolutely loved it.

    Inma x

  21. I have the blush and it’s the perfect fall shade

  22. Cassie says:

    That lip color is perfect! It’s beautiful and bold, which is what I love for autumn.

  23. Lauren S says:

    OH my goodness that whole collection is my heaven – I love Chanel lipsticks so will be scouring out the one on your lips, and that eyeshadow; HEART EYES

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  24. Jodie Vernon says:

    Your makeup looks so amazing, I think I’m lusting after this whole collection!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  25. Dear Santa, you know what to do!
    I would love to see the Illusion d’Ombre in action as well.

  26. Dar says:

    Oh! That eyeshadow and that lipstick are so holiday appropriate. I’ll be getting some of those come November I guess.

    Dar |

  27. Miriam says:

    This is such the perfect fall look, you really look lovely with darker shades lipticks!

    A whole lot of serendipity

  28. mika says:

    Chanel is such an amazing brand, I loved their Fall collection of this year and now this one looks so great to follow up with! I love that vampy lip on you, Lily!


  29. Kat Horrocks says:

    This is such an amazing collection – Rouge Noir is such a classic, flattering shade! Love the lippy :)

    Kat |

  30. Your makeup looks stunning, it is so autumnal! That lip colour and nail polish are gorgeous! x

  31. The blush looks great in combination with the other products, it offers the right amount of “freshness” to counteract the dark lips.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  32. Julia Speaks says:

    This kind of burgundy colour is my favourite for autumn and winter! The lipstick looks gorgeous on you, and I think it looks a lot like the Mac ‘Dark Side’ (which I was wearing today actually!). The Illusion d’Ombre looks great also!

    Julia xx
    | |

  33. Anamaria says:

    I think that dark lipstick really suits you! :)

  34. Laura M says:

    The shadow and eyeliner are calling my name! You’re rocking that dark lip- love how vampy it is!

    She Likes to Shop

  35. Ooh, a Rouge Noir Illusion d’Ombre! Sign me up! Such a classic shade and perfect for Fall :)

  36. Charlotte says:

    I love the lipsticks!! would love to see them!

  37. Some great classics here Lily. Looking forward to this; I’ll definitely be adding to my collection!

  38. My Beauty Dreams says:

    All of these products look gorgeous! Especially that nail polish, it’s a great color for fall :)

  39. Megan Forbes Hickland says:

    This blog post got me so excited to try out some new autumnal make up looks! Can’t wait to try the new lipstick! – check out my latest beauty haul here <3

  40. Wow I want them all love Chanel they never disappoint!

  41. Kitt Noir says:

    Absolutely gorgeous range! x

  42. Josie Stewart says:

    Oh wow, I want it all! Especially the eye shadow, what a unique colour. Make up looks gorgeous on you! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  43. Brunette-ish says:

    I love the look! It’s beautiful for fall!


  44. The Sunday Mode says:

    Some of these products look great, I’ve never tried any Chanel products but it’s a bucket list beauty brand!

  45. AmeliaRoseL says:

    Gorgeous! That lipstick really suits you, Lily.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

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