IMG_0284I have this strange fascination with makeup sprays and I don’t know what it is! When a new one is released I can’t help but buy it and despite never really knowing if they work, I love using them.

I have a mix of sprays here that all aim to do different things. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir which was once named Victoria Beckham’s skin saviour is more of a skincare pick me up. It’s a plant based, infused water that treats and refreshes the skin. It’s also supposed to set makeup but for me it’s too wet for that, I prefer to use this on bare skin as a treatment. It smells great and the spritzer gives the most perfect light mist of product. The Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray is a “thirsty skin relief” which helps to rehydrate the skin without adding any extra oil. This one I like to use before doing my makeup for added moisture and throughout the day if it’s sitting on my desk. The spray on this is a bit more intense but still gives a light mist and is scent-free in true Clinique style.

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is my favourite for setting makeup. This one is also oil-free and paraben free but applied to a finished makeup look it sets everything in place and works particularly well in the summer. I also find that if you over do your makeup and things are looking too powdery, this spray helps to mesh it all into the skin and give a more natural look to your makeup. Finally, the most recent addition to my collection, the Smashbox Primer Water. This one intrigued me as it claims to do all three things, prime the skin before makeup, set it in place and refresh throughout the day. This one is the most ‘wet’ feeling of all the sprays so I personally don’t like to use it as a setting spray because I find it disrupts the makeup. As a refresher it’s also a bit much but I do like it as a primer. I usually use some kind of moisturiser or primer before I do my makeup anyway, so on days where I don’t want extra products worked into the skin, this is a nice alternative.

They’re all quite different although you definitely don’t need all four. My first choice would be the Urban Decay All Nighter as a setting spray, but I do like them all so it’s about picking what works best for your routine. Have you tried any makeup sprays? What do you think?

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