MAC x Cinderella

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I haven’t kept on top with MAC launches in a long time. I go through phases of knowing exactly what’s launching and being completely oblivious. Their new Cinderella collection caught my attention though as I always find their disney collaborations quite cute and fun.

The star of the show and the ‘sellout’ product for me is the 6 shade eyeshadow palette. I love the clear lid and the size of the shadows but it’s the choice of shades that makes it such a nice palette. There are some big MAC names in there like Omega, Phloof!, Quarry and Satin Taupe. Vapour is quite a unique pale, duo-chrome highlight and Stroke of Midnight is in there for a bit sparkle. It’s quite an intense plum that will work nicely as a liner, it makes a nice change from black and keeps the theme of the palette still very wearable.

The palette will cost £38.50 and will be available exclusively to Harrods from 6th March and hitting MAC counters from 13th March.

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  • Sophie

    It looks like such a pretty palette! Really love the packaging too.

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • Mira Devils

    The shades look lovely. I will check it out!

  • Sophie Bird

    I have Satin Taupe in my Brooke Shields palette. It’s such a gorgeous shade.

  • ninegrandstudent

    Its a lovely palette, but I can’t stand the packaging! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  • Debasree Banerjee

    Love the packaging, and the shades are something I’d definitely wear!

    Debasree // ALL SHE NEEDS

  • Sarah Suy

    Looks great!

    Sarah – YUS fashion

  • Jane

    I think you meant “standout” product not “sellout” unless the palette really compromised its morals for fame or money :)

    • Holly Taylor

      Perhaps she meant it’s the one she thinks will fly off the shelves and be hard to get your hands on. I like how you imagined it though :) haha


    The shades look really great love their colors on you and they will look amazing with red or baby pink lipsticks

  • Josie

    Love all these shades – I think I’d get a lot of wear out of this!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • Sam

    I love this collection – even the packaging is enough to make you buy it! xx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

  • Rhiannon Payne

    I’m so excited for this collection, this eyeshadow palette is so beautiful, the perfect colours!

  • Abby

    Such a lovely selection of shades

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  • Macha

    I’ve never been really tempted by one of mac’s limited edition palette but this one is perfect ! and it includes shades that i’ve been wanting to try for a while :P

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

  • byClara

    Love it!! If only I could justify another eye shadow palette!!

  • Olivia S

    I’m not usually a fan of the limited edition Mac launches but I think this palette is beautiful for on the go with some great classic shades! Xx

    Olivia –

  • Anna

    this plaette looks amazing!! and the shades are the ones that I’d wear on an daily basis!!!

  • Zoe

    I didn’t think I’d be a fan of the Cinderella collection but the shades in that palette are gorgeous!


  • Ivy Rode

    The Cinderella collection looks so magical! I have just uploaded my favourite bloggers and vloggers post! I mentioned you in the blog category with a small review! Would love for you too check it out! Or any one reading this! Trying to share the love in the blogger and vlogger community!

    ivy xx

  • Milkshake Kingdom

    Can’t wait to check these eyeshadows out for myself

  • Jenna

    This looks so natural! Love it

  • Laura Alksne

    I like the shades in this palette, but I’m kind of not sold with the packeging.

  • Kat Horrocks

    I am so over Mac collections I never bother checking them out, BUT this palette does look pretty. Love the clear lid as well

    Kat |

  • Makeup Jazz

    I love the look (as always) and the colours of the palette look wonderful. Sadly it is just a bit out of my price range…

  • Angeline Lee

    These just looks sooo lovely!

  • Kirsty McCall

    So gorgeous! Need to get my hands on this :)

    Kirsty |

  • S Jones

    This collection is so pretty and the shades in this palette are so wearable x

  • Jpoppy

    Love the look of this. Bit disappointed that theres only one limited edition shade xo

  • Just Little Things

    This palette is so beautiful, I really don’t need any more eyeshadow but this is very tempting! I absolutely love that colour Midnight. x

  • Renata

    This palette is amazing, especially for beginners. So pretty and wearable. I’ll pass on it just because I already have most of the shades. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • Cassie

    Out of all of the products in the line, this is the one that I would go for! All of the shadows looked so beautiful.

  • florence

    I really don’t see the big deal about this palette you could probably find a palette from boots with similar colors for less than quarter of the price!

  • Sparklygoddess

    These eyeshadows look so pretty it is one of the best neutral combination

  • Gillian

    Awww, it’s just soo pretty isn’t it?! I love the shade of the packaging too, it’s soo 80’s.

  • Elise Dopson

    This palette looks so pretty & wearable. Love the look you created :)
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  • Anna Mitropoulou

    All the shadows, except for the last and the darkest one, are in the permanent collection! I think that MAC lacks imagination and creativity in some cases!
    Love Lily!

  • Holly Cooke

    The Mac x Cinderella collection looks absolutely stunning, and this palette just looks so beautiful! x

  • A Little Lilly

    Looks amazing!! Lilly xx

  • Rachel Polansky

    I was debating buying anything from this collection… now I wish I did because everything sold out!

  • Courtney Gardiner

    Such a beautiful palette, a combination of my two favourite things in the world. Make-up and Disney! I’d get my hands on if I hadn’t of just bought 2 new palettes in the past few weeks :-( x

  • makeupsessions

    The tone of the palette reminds me of the Naked Basics 2 palette, has cooler toned eyeshadows. Not sure if I would pick this up since I already have similar shades in my stash. Can’t really keep up with all of Mac’s limited edition releases, it seems that they come out with a new one every week.

  • Lauren S

    I do love all the shades in the palette, definitely one I’d pick up, however I’m not to keen on some of the packaging which is a slight downfall – but if you love the shades you gotta have them right?!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Charlotte

    The packaging is super cute! I love the color they pick up for the palette too :)

  • Ashlyn Nicole Williams

    The packaging is adorable & the shades are really pretty.

    Let It Be Beautiful

  • Erin and Katherine

    I really like that there are so many standard MAC shades… think I have to get singles of Omega and Quarry!!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • beauty visions

    I’d definitely get this palette if I didn’t already own two of these shadows :)

    beauty visions

  • BlogElla .

    I can’t wait to get my hand on one of these! : )

  • Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

    I like how they did the packaging! I haven’t bought a product from MAC in a long time, but this combination of eyeshadows looks really workable.


  • Nadya Elvina

    The shades are so gorgeous. Really love the colour of the packaging too!

  • FloraLoo Two

    MAC + Cinderella was always going to be a winner for me! It looks so pretty!

    Laura x FloraLoo Two

  • Jackie

    This is such a pretty palette and I’m thinking about getting a few things from the collection including this.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin’ |

  • Renate

    Can you maybe include the formulation, longetivity, etc in your next post? This is like 3 sentences long, besides I could’ve look up the information on the mac website. Not a good post.

    • Lauren / lipstick & lacquer

      I think she was more making this post to let followers know it was available and was her pick from the collection. For in-depth reviews of basically every new product launch, check out! She does great reviews and swatches :).

  • Claire Wilkinson

    This looks gorgeous, such nice eyeshadow picks for a palette :)
    Claire x

  • Ally Brown

    The packaging for this collection is totally -tries not to say on point- perfect. It’s so Disney and so Cinderella :)
    Ally |

  • Maireem Maneje

    The colors look great on you!


  • Madeline | My Fitter Life

    This looks lovely :) Such a shame it will only be available in Harrods though :( Would have been nice to see some swatches of the palette as well!

  • Sam Bache

    Think this will be going on my “wish” list xx

  • alice bea

    This palette is actually perfect!

  • Kate Musgrove

    The shades are right up my street. Stroke of Midnight is so, so pretty – I love a bit of sparkle. You could definitely take it from day to night x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    There isn’t much information regarding longevity or anything like that – is this a review post?

  • Holly Taylor

    I’m really eager for this collection’s release. I love this palette but I was already planning on adding a few of these shades to my pro palette so not too sure if it’s worth the investment? I’ve been stalking the eye glosses though! I’ve always missed out their collections before but this time, I think I’m going to strike.


  • catherine ♡

    This palette is so pretty but as only one of the shades is LE, I’m not sure I’ll be purchasing it! x

  • Agata

    I got this palette and I agree, it’s very pretty and very wearable!

  • philippa

    Such a nice shade selection, very wearable too! (:

  • Chantal

    This looks like such a good palette and you would get your money’s worth because they are neutral shades, so you would wear them a lot. x

  • Emily

    I’ve been lusting over this since I saw the first photos of the Cinderella Collection, I’d love to get my hands on it.

    UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  • Hannah Lucy

    I am so in love with the collection, it’s just so pretty! Your eyes look amazing.

  • Camille Beygui

    Such a pretty palette


  • Molly

    This looks gorgeous! I haven’t been to MAC for ages but will definitely try to get my hands on the Cinderella collection!

  • kimberrleigh

    I think this palette is so pretty! I’m drawn to these shades, but I don’t think I’ll end up buying it just because I already have so many other palettes with the shades. And I’m running out of room!


  • Lucy

    This is such a perfect palette, it includes some of my favourite shades but has some other gorgeous ones I haven’t tried. The shades all look incredibly wearable but so pretty.

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    I love the paler colours in this palette.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Michelle

    This looks perfect – the packaging and the shades are totally me! Love the nudes!


    Such a beautiful collection of shades…..will definitely check these out next time at their counter! xx

  • Claudia

    Oh my gosh, I’m loving the shades in this palette! absolutely perfect!

  • Magpie Jasmine

    I love the look of the shades I just think the packaging is a bit tacky…xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  • Kiera :)

    I really want to try this range so badly :)

  • Meagan

    I love how they only have one limited edition shade and the rest are some of their most popular shades. Not sure why, but I just love that they did that. They also choose very complimentary shades. Plus the adorable packing! Hopefully I can get my hands on this!

    Meagan xx | Rosy&May

  • Lena

    I really like the range of colours they included in this palette. I’d probably get a use out of all of them. Especially Phloof! has been appealing to me to use as a highlighting shadow for quite a long time now!

  • SamanthaSeries

    <3 <3 <3

    It's beautiful.

    Samantha Series

  • Kari Guastella

    I love those colors. Very flattering!

  • Pauline

    Cute palette! The colours look lovely, though a little too cool-toned for me.

    Catpacking | Beauty & Travel

  • Joanne Kilday

    I love this palette, the colours are perfect! x

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids