Back in my Uni days I would wear eyeliner a lot. Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliners to be specific. It was a luxury I’d allow myself to splurge on and I’d screw on the lid extra tight every time to make sure it didn’t dry out. I remember using up all of the product until the pot of black liner was completely empty… 

I stopped using gel eyeliners years ago though, mainly out of laziness. When felt tip liquid eyeliners became a thing I found no need for a little brush and pot, so I switched and never went back. For brown liner I used pencil and for black I’d use an eyeliner pen. 

I recently mentioned this makeup tutorial and since then I had the urge to repurchase a Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. This time though instead of black I chose Sepia Ink, a deep brown.   Yes it takes more time and yes it’s more fiddly, but if you enjoy spending time doing your makeup it’s actually quite enjoyable. I feel like you can experiment more with the shape of your line and you can also create a softer finish, especially when you smudge eye shadow on top. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to lasting power though, the gel formula lasts really well. 

It’s a nice option if you find liquid liner too intense but pencil not quite defined enough. Give it a try – I reckon it’s a bit like Marmite, you’ll either love it or hate it. This old and slightly out of focused Lisa Eldridge video should help you with tips on how to get started! Hopefully I’ll have a tutorial up soon to show you how I use gel liner on myself. 

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